New school competition after the discord quiz. Few places in Molise

After the competition in the spring, which caused a lot of controversy in the school world, the precarious teachers are preparing for a new round of competition exams by Miur. This time it’s about extraordinary bis called by dicastery of viale Trastevere.

Registration procedures opened in mid-May and continued until one minute before midnight on June 16 last. There were 35,872 applications nationwide for the 14,000 places available at first- and second-grade schools. Uncertainty about the timing of the tests, which will only be oral and which will take place this summer, so that the winners can reach the professorships from September 1, the day when school officially begins for teachers and non-teachers.

In Moliseaccording to the data published by the Ministry in the official table notified of the insolvency proceedings, there are 42 places for 166 registered teachers. Small numbers for the Molise region, which sees some competition classes with virtually no option for a chair available. In terms of numbers, it is the most numerous competition class A011, or literary and Latin disciplines in high schools with seven places to assign. All the others, on the other hand, have lower numbers: fire professorships to mathematics and physics, three to mathematics and electrical and electronic science and technology, three for mechanical sciences and technologies, three for natural, chemical and biological sciences. Two for fabric and fashion design, two for guitar in middle school, two for Spanish in high school. Three for the dental laboratory, two for the mechanical science and technology laboratory.

A place instead of the design of metals, goldsmiths, semi-precious and precious stones as well as for the design and art history of secondary education institutions, and then again one for clarinet, one for percussion, one for trumpet and one for piano in middle school and for the agricultural science and technology laboratory and for it electrical and electronic science and technology laboratory.

These days yes they perform the oral tests of the competition with crosses last spring that aroused so much controversy. In fact, by the end of February, Miur had announced the dates of the competition, which was announced in the summer of 2020: shortly thereafter, the multiple-choice quiz batteries would begin – 50 questions in 100 minutes – prompting many Molise teachers to take the tests in others. regions, those where they had applied two years earlier. Few of those who passed the tests did not feel particularly suitable, as confirmed by the unions at the Molise school, who noted how Molise has been in trend with the national data, with less than 20 percent of the teachers being eligible.

In the meantime, they have been opened the applications to be part of the commissions in the new competition. Many Molise teachers were forced to take the oral test elsewhere, in other Italian regions, due to the merging of the offices in the management of the activities.

Also for this competition, which was to be held and ended this summer, but which we do not know anything about at the moment, some have to cross the boundaries to take the test. For the competition classes A002 and AI56, candidates must go in Tuscany, for A005 they stay in the area but have to move to Abruzzo, such as those in A040, B011 and B015; they want to move in Umbria those from the A017, and Marche those of A042, i Veneto those of AC56 and finally and Puglia those enrolled in Class B006.

In the coming weeks, the publication of the calendar for the oral exams is expected, with a division into competition classes, dates and place where the exam is to be completed. Meanwhile, the teachers are back again about booksin this hot summer, but without knowing when to test themselves again.

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