Marble bathroom with a modern design, for a new luxury

Abundance and sophistication but also the fear of exaggerating, creating something too classic or “heavy”. Design a bath and marble with a modern twist it is possible you just have to be careful. There is no need to focus on minimalism at any cost or to cover only part of the surfaces for fear of exceeding: with the right balance it is easy to re-suggest in a modern and sophisticated way what is one of the oldest building materials , until recently considered extremely classic or synonymous with too flashy luxury.

Just look in architectural houses to realize how many solutions to be inspired by, combining marble with wood, lighting it up with floral wallpaper or brass details, use it to transform small bathrooms, perhaps long and narrow, into precious chests.

Marble is often used to create custom-made sinks, which becomes the focal point of the whole space. Thanks to the abundance of colors and types, it’s really easy to play with shades and color palettes to create environments with character.


To avoid creating a homely “altar” when the bathroom has small size it is better to bet on one light marble. The most common types are Carrara, in all its variations, and Calacatta, followed by glossy Biancone and Botticino.

That White marble it is suitable for completely covering walls and floors and creating an elegant “box” as in the bathroom of this cottage in Highgate, London, signed by Michaelis Boyd. To make it all harmonious, the plates were laid and made sure to make them run mirror thighsa real touch of class.

The idea of ​​the Nomade studio for this bathroom is also interesting Milanese apartment. For the extremely modern glossy gray lacquered hanging cabinet, the studio’s architects combined stone floors and walls in Carrara marble, alternating an extra glossy finish and a rough, more material finish.


For those who love marble but are afraid of exaggerating, or do not have the necessary budget for a single material space, the winning idea is to create a stone sink. In this case, you can venture with more refined balls, with light shades, such as the deep green experimented by Ester Bruzkus for a penthouse in Berlin or the pastel pink of this bathtub Portuguese house.

Furthermore, for those who also love decoration in the bathroom, marble can be combined with one wallpaper, as the jungle effect of New York brownstone renovated by the MKCA studio.

Photo by Alan Tansey


To make a modern marble bathroom, you need to combine different floors and coatings it is a winning choice. Colors and contrasting textureor surfaces in shadeallows you to also bring the ambiance chosen for the rest of the house to the service room.

There are no rules or limits of creativity: Marble floors can be paired with a mosaic like this apartment in Athens, you can create an optical floor and white walls like the architects behind Dainelli Studio in Milanmix two types of marble to highlight niches or even the shower inspired by Manuelle Gautrand’s solution to a ceiling between the roofs of Paris.


If you are not completely convinced about natural marble, there are materials on the market that perfectly mimic its aesthetics. You can chooseHPL – High pressure laminate or for the most common porcelain stoneware marble effect. Many tile manufacturing companies have this type of solution in their catalog, some even have slabs large format perfect for countertops or for covering large surfaces without ugly joints.

The yield is likely, as evidenced by the bathroom of one villa in Milan where marble-effect stoneware has been combined with brass details, an extremely refined solution to be inspired by.


Marble has always been seen as an extremely delicate material that is difficult to maintain. As it is a natural stone, it obviously risks being stained by oily substances, vinegar or chemicals. If sanded and treated to stay waterproofhowever, it generally does not cause problems and lasts very long, also thanks to its hardness, which makes it resistant to the strongest shocks.

To clean the marble better to avoid aggressive cleaning agents. Experts suggest Marseille soap and water for general maintenance, bicarbonate for a periodic treatment that renews its luster. The extra advice is always to wipe the surfaces with a soft cloth, to avoid the formation of limescale and turbidity.


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