Leuze gives a horizontal cut … to meat!

Leuzesupplier of coupling and measurement sensors, identification systems, solutions for data transmission and image processing and components, training, services and security solutions in production, establishes itself with its own sensor LPS 36 innovative cutting machines from a major Italian manufacturer of meat processing machines.

According to the annual report for 2021 National Union of Meat and Eggs Agri-food Supply Chains world poultrymeat production in 2020 reached 133.3 million tonnes, an increase of 1.3% compared to 2019. The sector’s turnover marked over 5.7 billion euros with a per capita consumption of poultrymeat around 21.5 kg / year.

If we consider a world production of meat in 2020 of 337.2 million tonnes, we can say that the production of poultry meat accounts for just over a third of the production of meat. Therefore, a solid world market also from a sustainability point of view, because the production of white meat is much more eco-sustainable than red meat.

The manufacturer of meat processing machines was looking for sensors suitable for the high quality and reliability standards of its production, and for the development of a special horizontal cutting device for zero-waste cutting of chicken breast, it was turned to Leuze Italy.

“The company was looking for a technological partner who could guarantee a quality of components that were appropriate for their production. The company exports to all over the world and is considered a guarantee for its customers. Leuze is an international brand with great fame and has therefore responded in a timely manner. As we are a multinational company, with our presence anywhere in the world, we guarantee every possible intervention everywhere.“, explains Vasco Battistella, sales area manager in Leuze Italy.

The Leuze solution for the needs of this type of machine is represented by the LPS36 sensor, an innovative profilometer that generates many measuring points that allow the cutting machine the sufficient pressure on the part of the meat that is registered as too high, thus giving the elements a suitable cut to expectations.

The cutter, on the other hand, is equipped with smart machines, with which it automatically decides for each breast whether the product should be cut, how many knives to use and the ideal cutting thickness.

The chicken breast to be cut is manually placed on rolls and weighed at the entrance. Continuing your journey on the machine, the chicken breast is detected by the Leuze sensor system, which thanks to an Ethernet connection returns the coordinates of the measured points to create the perfect contour of the breast on the screen. The data that the machine needs is the depth, width and width of the chicken breast.

Leuze’s three-dimensional profilometer sends the necessary data to the press, which then determines, with one of the predetermined pressures, the appropriate cut.

The optical sensors from Leuze, which do not need to be calibrated, solve the problem of treating waste, which before the adoption of this solution was numerous and very frequent.

The LPS36 solution covers a reading cone that varies between 200 and 800 mm depending on the height of the reading itself. Each cutting machine is equipped with one or two sensors, depending on the model, whether it is two-dimensional or three-dimensional. The Leuze solution comes complete with cables and also allows you to be equipped with original brackets.

Considering the detection speed of the Leuze sensors (10 milliseconds) and the tape speed of the machine, in this case 500 mm per second. second, the high productivity of the solution is completely obvious.

This type of machine was developed and built to meet the needs of the chicken meat processing market. In addition to the maximum automation and processing flexibility for each cutting cycle, the proposal for the maximum yield of the product with almost zero waste was taken into account. The automation of the machine is total with the elimination of manual calibrations, which among other things makes it possible to reflect each desired recipe. The introduction of Leuze sensors has given this type of machine a significant step forward in terms of quality, efficiency and production efficiency. The quality guaranteed by Leuze is a factor that has a decisive influence on the choice of technological partner among manufacturers of machines for the meat processing industry.

Vasco Battistellastep by step followed the project for the introduction of Leuze sensors on the cutting machines, states: “Lthe meat processing industry is an ideal ecosystem for our sensors. We are at the disposal of Italian producers in this sector to explore with them any possible solution for other plants and machinery already on the market or under development “.

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