In Ferrara, interdisciplinary prevention of periodontal disease in children

July 18, 2022

Alliance between dentists, dental hygienists, Department of Food Hygiene and families for the promotion of oral health in children from 0 to 14 years

The assessment of the risk of developing caries and periodontitis in patients aged 0-14 years has started at the Dental Center of the Casa della Salute in Ferrara. it involves several actorsincluding dentists and dental hygienists, but also nutritionists, dietitians, parents and relatives, to improve awareness and thus the care of oral hygiene even in children and adolescents who are at risk of developing oral cavities and diseases.

“It is recognized as promoting oral health is a sociocultural growth factor which must be based on interdisciplinary efforts ”, explains prof. Leonardo Trombelli (pictured) Director of the Provincial Complex Operative Unit of Dentistry. “In Italy, the high incidence of caries pathology in the developing population makes it necessary to define this population at risk of caries: these data suggest the need to activate in a capillary way, from the first years of life, strategies for the prevention of dental and gum disease associated with oral biofilm to promote a better level of health with important positive effects on young patients’ quality of life“.

The goal is to implement complementary strategies for early diagnosis of caries and gum diseasewhich occurs clinically at the first dental visit, involves the figure of the dental hygienist for the collection of all information useful for profiling the individual risk of the child“, Explain the doctors Renata Vecchiatinimedical director, and by e.g. Giulia Montemezzo, current dental hygienist at the Dental Center. While the small patients will undergo painless tests for plaque recognitionparents and relatives they will be informed about the proper lifestyle and the best oral and food hygiene strategies in the home.

One of the major innovations in the project is risk assessment for periodontitisevaluated by PerioRisk, an internationally validated algorithm developed by the Research Center for the Study of Periodontal and Peri-Implant Diseases of UNIFE, which allows stratification of the population based on the possibility of development and progression of periodontitis (chronic inflammatory disease leading to the destruction of the bone support of the tooth, which affects about 50% of the Italian population in a moderate-severe form).

From next September, the intervention will also see the contribution of professionals from the Public Health Department of Ferrara Ausl and especially dietitians from the Food Hygiene and Nutrition Service. – predicts Cristina SalettiDirector of Food Hygiene and Nutrition Complex Structure (SCIAN) in Ferrara – to intercept children at greater risk of developing obesity and related diseases, for whom dedicated preventive measures will be proposed“.

Correct attitudes and behaviors adopted early in childhood, the experts explain, will allow children to make the most appropriate decisions to improve their lifestyle and thus protect their health. Promoting breastfeeding, healthy lifestyle, an adequate diet are all important factors in promoting and maintaining good general and oral health.


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