Imarvi Design srl, the passion for custom-made accessories

Among the elements that characterize the company is the creative power of the two founders

When it is passion that forms the basis of your work, success is guaranteed. In the construction and design sector, ImarVi Design Srl, a company specializing in the production of home furnishings in porcelain stoneware, testifies to this in an excellent way. In addition, the innovative insulated window sills.

The company was founded by two young partners, Iurie Mihailov and Andrei Raileanu, aged 38 and 33 respectively. Iurie arrived in Italy at the age of nineteen; here, alternating studies and work, he specialized in the construction sector, with a particular fondness for design, his greatest passion. After many years of work in the construction sector, Iurie decided – five years ago – to start her own individual company, namely Imarni Design. The meeting with Andrei in 2018, however, marked an important turning point. The latter has actually worked in various European countries but was unable to find a place that would fully satisfy him. Once in Italy, however, everything changed. In fact, the two entrepreneurs immediately found a common interest in working together. After some projects focusing on sinks, kitchen countertops and interiors, the two entrepreneurs decided to take the plunge and start a new business together. And this is where the story of ImarVi Design Srl begins, officially registered in November 2021. Within the company – which has offices and production facilities in the Vicenza area – Iurie takes on the role of CEO and product manager and designer, while Andrei is partner and production manager. Furthermore, in early 2022, the team was also joined by Gianluca Romagnolo, who today holds the position of Marketing and Sales Manager.

The company’s progress went very fast, mainly thanks to the introduction of insulated thresholds in the manufactured products to block the cold bridge. These are today the company’s workhorse, which nevertheless has not lost the love of creating completely tailored design accessories for furniture.


A great strength of ImarVi Design Srl is without a doubt the uniqueness of the style of the two founders. Both are passionate about interior design, and in fact place special emphasis not only on the functionality of the product, but also on its aesthetic performance.

Both Iurie and Andrei are extremely creative people, and therefore able to introduce innovative products to the market that attract the customers’ gaze. The starting material is always stoneware, which is often combined with other materials to create unique furniture accessories with finishes that show all the perfectionism that animates Iurie and Andrei’s work. These are accessories that can be traced back to the minimalist style, which therefore makes the essentials in the lines a strong point that is able to highlight the care with which each complement has been created. Each of the elements is actually tailored to the individual customer, and thus aims to convey not only the company’s professionalism, but also the emotional aspect of bespoke furniture.



The fine finish and the resistance to several factors are the trademark of the Vicenza reality

Although ImarVi Design Srl was born as a design company focusing on furniture accessories in porcelain stoneware, the large market demand for insulated window sills has enabled the company to expand its services. Both Iurie and Andrei come from the construction world, so their skills in building elements are without a doubt specialized. For this reason, when the sector last year asked for specific products for the cold bridge block, the two entrepreneurs were able to respond quickly to the request.

And it was on this occasion that ImarVi Design Srl changed the pace of work, expanding like a steppe fire and becoming a reference reality for the sector across the national stage.


Resistance is undoubtedly one of the most striking features of ImarVi thresholds that have dropped in various forms. The complements actually show excellent resistance to wear, trampling and wear. In addition, each window sill is resistant to atmospheric substances and chemicals, revealing an enviable durability. In addition, the versatility that characterizes the product, making it ideal in various real estate contexts. This is done first and foremost thanks to the fine finishes, which contribute to the frame’s great final aesthetic impact. In fact, Iurie and Andrei have poured their love of design and porcelain stoneware into the details.



The introduction in the product range also of insulated thresholds for blocking the cold bridge has significantly accelerated the growth of the Vicenza company. The latter has in fact expanded its production department with a new building. At the same time, thanks to the increase in turnover, it was possible to introduce new specialized machines and hire additional staff. Today, nine people work in ImarVi Design Srl. This is an important result, especially given how the situation was during the same period last year: at that time, only the two founding members were operational. However, Iurie and Andrei did not want to stop here. In fact, there are several goals to be achieved for next year, primarily the export of the products manufactured today. In fact, the stability of the Italian customer base – which has around 180 loyal figures – has made the desire to start exporting Made in Italy designs made with porcelain ware even more solid. If the plans for 2023, on the one hand, concern the expansion of the customer base beyond national borders, Iurie and Andrei are therefore also well aware of the scope of their work, also from a point of view on harmful emissions. For this reason, the porcelain stoneware used by ImarVi Design Srl is created based on the remains of marble and other stones. This process makes it organic and certified by Cam.

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