Hidden Fragility, Works by Francesco Spatara Exhibited in Luino at Palazzo Verbania

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From 22 to 31 July. Inauguration Friday, July 22 at 6:30 p.m. Free admission to events. Showtimes: Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun 10-13 and 15-18; Friday 15-21. Info: culturalbrokers@gmail.com

A return that smells of history, love and artistic inspirations rooted in the soul. The exhibition by Francesco Spatara at Palazzo Verbania, created by Luino’s cultural department with the synergy of the municipality of Castelveccana, in collaboration with Musea and Flai Graphic Design, tells us about the recent experiences of the artist who took his steps precisely in Luino and Valtravaglia before moved to Sardinia, where he still lives and works, and from where he left for exhibitions of great importance. At Palazzo Verbania, with Debora Ferrari’s curatorship, journalist and art critic known in the area for the cultural activities conceived and organized with various museums, 30 works with the themes that the artist likes are exhibited, especially portraits and nude pictures. But do not expect the usual naturalistic vision: Spatara is a painter who contains many sums from ‘900, from Rotella to Bacon, from Burri to Sutherland, to name a few.

“His painting is based on a hidden and slowly revealed mystery,” writes Debora Ferrari. This is the mystery of his hidden fragility: being able to say introversion, even when you feel the urge to scream. Modern painting that expresses the explosive drive of emotions e.g.
reasoning with a strong chromatic and material feeling. Yes, for painting is often thought of as an element
only visually, when instead it is a form of constitutive thought, it is a reading like a book, a production like in a theater. Francesco Spataras’ painting possesses these precious qualities because they allow the observer to enrich himself without noticing it, to find himself growing up with the author’s evolutionary path.

Francesco Spatara graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in 1983.
Previously, he worked for some years with the painter Innocente Salvini di Gemonio. He then began exhibiting in collective and personal exhibitions in the province of Varese and in other cities in northern Italy. He moved to Sardinia for personal needs, he entered the school world and still teaches today at the art school in Lanusei (NOW). In 2017, he participated in the Triennial of Visual Arts in Rome; subsequently he exhibited in Luciano Carini’s StudioC and at the group exhibition Grazie Italia Padiglione Guatemala, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello (57th Venice Biennale). It is then included in the prestigious Atlas of Contemporary Art published by De Agostini, with the presentation of the volume in February 2019 (La Sapienza University in Rome). In addition, its presence was confirmed both in the 2nd Atlas in 2020 (presentation in June at the MAXXI in Rome) and at the Triennial of Fine Arts in the Palazzo Borghese 2021, also in Rome.

Speaking of Culture Councilor Serena Botta: “Luino’s municipal administration is very pleased to host Francesco Spataras’ works in Palazzo Verbania, I believe that Sala Reale and Sala Corsini represent the perfect setting to welcome an artist’s return to places that saw his passion for painting flourish.A passion that then grew and that Francesco carried around all of Italy to collect
great personal and professional successes. The collaboration with Castelveccana Municipality symbolically represents the embrace that our territory offers an artist who grew up on the shores of our beloved lake with the hope that he can always feel at home here.

During the same period, it is in fact possible in the Municipality of Castelveccana to admire a work by Spatara, as a seal on the cooperation and importance of the sea town in his life. «It was the month of July 1978 – writes the administration of Castelveccana – and a boy who had recently graduated from the art school in Busto Arsizio, a disciple of Innocente Salvini, exhibited his paintings in Caldè and received the first positive reviews. Prealpina also published an article on the subject. This year returns with a solo show at the Palazzo Verbania, desired for years, after the successes of the Rome Triennial and Venice Biennale, triggered by a talk with Enrico Bianchi, who immediately understood its value ».

For the exhibition, the small publishing house TraRari TIPI has published a catalog with drawings and paintings, critiques and autobiographical news, a little jewel that is able to keep the attention of the painter alive even after the exhibition ends. Francesco Spatara will be present at the inauguration and on Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th to meet the audience and friends.

Saturday the 23rd of July concert in Palazzo Verbania (with extraordinary opening of the exhibition also in the evening) “The voice that I live in – jazz songs from the world” curated by Gino Marinuzzi Association, Rosanna Mennella voice, Marcello Massa piano, Aldo Capasso bass , for a really special evening.
From 22 to 31 July. Inauguration Friday, July 22 at 6:30 p.m. Free admission to events. Showtimes: Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun 10-13 and 15-18; Friday 15-21. Info: culturalbrokers@gmail.com

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