Gift for illegal immigrants: public housing for all

The experience of the illegal occupation of the former Valle Fiorita clinic in Rome in the Torrevecchia district has ended. The private property had been occupied for 70 years by 70 families who, since yesterday, the day of the evacuation, which took place peacefully, have been entrusted social housing. The operation was based on the municipality led by the Gualtieri junta, the Movement for the Right to Housing, the Roma Capitale, the prefecture of Rome, the Lazio region and Ater.

With an important extra security, at home, these families will be able to cope better with the coming of work and social precariousness, and they will no longer be doomed to a second-class existence.“, The Movement declares the right to housing. And also from the Region come the compliments to the mayor: “Unlike previous administrations, the Gualtieri Council immediately ensured a broad and fruitful cooperation for the effective synergy, which made it possible to guarantee housing for people and the return of the property to the rightful owner.”Said Massimiliano Valeriani, Regional Councilor for Housing.

But if they in the City Hall welcome the operation, that “creates without a doubt a lot of joy“, The brothers of Italy immediately reported the incident and said that “Gualtieri provides social housing to non-EU citizens and ignores rankings and Italian citizens“.”Thanks to Mayor Gualtieri, the case is resolved, but to the detriment of rankings and Italian citizens – stated in a joint note Fabrizio Ghera, Fdi group leader in the Lazio region, Andre De Priamo and Lavinia Mennuni, Fdi municipal councilors.

The municipality, Roma Capitale and the Lazio region have drawn up resolutions that are nothing short of imaginative for the benefit of the residents – for the most part non-EU citizens – enough to give them 70 apartments in public housing”, They continue.

The allocation of public housing intended for housing assistance, as indicated on the Lazio Region’s website, is subject to specific regional laws, which allow for the management and determination of public housing through the issuance of public tenders every six months.

The requirements for accessing the call are many and very specific and the demand “it must be sent to the municipality of residence or to the municipality where one’s work is carried out and can only be submitted during the period of the Executive Order on TasksA process that is therefore not immediate, as the protracted ones demonstrate waiting lists of citizens waiting – even for years – for social housing.

In this regard, the representatives of the FDI continue in a note: “The Romans, who have been waiting for a house for years, will again postpone their eventual entry, while those who have traded illegal with a profession and without being present in a rankings, he has already achieved it. The Democratic Party clearly states whether it is still a party for legality or whether it has embraced the line of illegality from today”, They end up launching a very harsh provocation to them.

To add details, the group leader of the Brothers of Italy in Rome’s Capital Council, Giovanni Quarzo, who tells a “We are quite tired of the fact that there are instrumentally groups organized by the various committees – always the same ones – that they occupy illegal and therefore they have the power to triumph over the lawWith regard to the Council, Gualtieri adds: “They put the administrations in front of the fact of having occupied, compared to many people who instead wait patiently on the rankings and therefore with some kind of pressure, and also of appointment with the left, which is in fact complicit in this mechanism, they obtain public housing by bypassing waiting lists“.

All this is for us unacceptable – Quarzo finishes – at the level of law and also for this too close relationship between the left wing of the government and the housing movements, which is nothing but organized management of illegal occupations“.

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