Germogli, an environmentally friendly festival between sports and workshops for

A festival where values ​​take root. Like me Sprouts. Come back from 22 to 24 July to Poggio Valicaia in the shade of the trees and among the park’s sculptures, the festival caters to all families and all ages. Now in its second edition, Germogli offers three days off shows, concerts and workshops and events in the name of coziness.

Sports in the morning with MBT bikes and rugby, children’s events and workshops, at sunset the Alessandro Riccio show (July 23) and the concert with Quarto Podere (July 24) to enliven the afternoon and evening. Then the market empties the bedroom, bistro bar area with food and drink at km good for snacks, lunches, aperitifs.

Shoots Festival in Poggio Valicaia Park

Sprouts and Green Philosophy

Sprouts Festival is a project of Green Philosophy, created with contributions from Consiag Holding and support from Giglio del Campo Onlus. It fits into the program Scandicci Open City.

Sprouts Festival also says it all from the name: The idea is to have such strong values ​​that bind nature and culture in a unique and insoluble way, which makes spire this extraordinary combination. Thanks to Green Philosophy for creating a wide program for a diverse audience who want to learn about the magnificent Park Museum of Poggio Valicaia” points out Claudia Serenicultural councilor in Scandicci Municipality.

Claudia Filippeschi, President of Green Philosophyto get a strong plant, the sprout must be cared for right from the start. Hence the choice of shows that suit all audiences, but above all for children who are today’s audienceThe festival, which took its first steps during the pandemic and is now in its second year, will also be held in the autumn of Sesto Fiorentino and Campi.

The program for Friday, July 22nd

Programming opens Friday, July 22nd at 19 with the under 30 collective of Switch to the planetand an themed aperitif ecology and future. At 9 pm, the evening will come alive with the Rino Gaetano tribute band in honor of one of the most famous songwriters in the history of Italian music. Subsequently, there is a DJ set by Cipo (by Cecco and Cipo) to the sound of funk, jazz and ethnic music.

The program for Saturday, July 23rd

For the more adventurous, in the morning Saturday, July 23rd off-road routes on ultra-technical MTB with the professional team of Bicycle garage. For the creative, on the other hand, from 11 to 16 the workshop Giant mandala. Children from 3 to 9 years are invited to hear the story of “The Frog and its Coconut” at. 16.00, a puppet and actor show by Teatrodilà.
The evening ends with Ars Bellica, the long awaited show of Alessandro Riccio, dedicated to the darkest Middle Ages. Start at 8 p.m.

The program for Sunday, July 24th

Sunday, July 24th we start again in the morning from 10 to 1 with Scandicci Rugby for an approach to the oval ball. The creative workshop is also scheduled for Sunday Giant mandala. 16, Teatrolà offers a show for children aged 3 and over: “Did they get it on my head?“Stages puppets, masks and actors to tell a funny and paradoxical story. Last but not least, ie Fourth Podere close Sprouts Festival. From kl. 20.00, the paladins of farmers on stage in Poggio Valicaia Park.

A plastic-free festival

Sprouts Festival it is plastic-free, in line with the environmental sustainability that has always been promoted by Green Philosophy. From Saturday to Sunday, 10-19, the market “Empty the bedroom“For a virtuous example of circular economy. They can be exchanged books, clothes and games to give each object a new life. The initiative de Ideisteninvolves artisans, creatives, associations, hobbyists and private citizens who care about the cause of Recycling he was born in respect for nature.

Good km products and picnics

The area food and drinks proposes a selection of quality products and good km, of companies and cooperatives with ethical management of the work. A room with different suggestions: from a grandfather-grandson lunch to an aperitif with friends. Available the picnic areawith the usual option of using in stengrill present at Poggio Valicaia for breakfast.

How to participate in Sprouts

Sprouts The festival takes place in Poggio Valicaia Park, Via della Poggiona 6 / a, in Scandicci. Festival opening hours: every day from 10 to 22. Pets are allowed. To consult the calendar and other information

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