From Pnrr 1 million and 224 thousand euros to the primary school in Bagno di Gavorrano

GROSSETO – Important news for local schools; to communicate Gavorrano Municipality: “It is with great pride that the municipal council today can announce the positive result of the submission of funding applications for both projects submitted to the Ministry of Education to strengthen school provision through Pnrr funds”.

The municipality’s contribution is important: 503 thousand euros for the construction of the new school canteen adjacent to the Bagno di Gavorrano primary school, with a score of 62.47, the first result in the ranking of the Tuscany region and 721 thousand euros for the construction of a new gym always to be built in the outer perimeter of the primary school in Bagno, which will be at the service of the physical activity of students and sports associations in the area. The project was awarded 60 points, which is among the six funded projects out of the 80 presented by the municipalities of the Tuscany region.

“A total of 1,224,000 euros obtained by the municipal administration of Gavorrano, thanks to the projects carried out in the field of finance of the municipal technical offices, which have enriched themselves with the necessary skills after the selection and recruitment of two new technical instructors performed on the course of 2021 “.

“We are now ten months from the end of the election period – comments the mayor Andrea Biondi -; therefore, it is natural to start making an initial assessment of the municipal council work that I am honored to lead as mayor. There have been many difficulties in restarting an administrative machine without energy, dynamism and human and financial resources. At the end of the work pursued, in addition to the recovery of the institution’s structural deficit and the reorganization of human resources, which respect the constraints imposed by legislation, we can boast of having found important non-repayable funding to carry out strategic works that are very important to Gavorrano, and putting them all in a row makes us proud of what we have been able to achieve: the restoration of the former cinema theater in Gavorrano, the heating and cooling system of the decentralized headquarters in the former Bagnetti, the reconstruction of the natural shopping center in Caldana, the restoration of the former primary school in Gavorrano to the future start of a widespread day center, the construction of a new and modern municipal library, the security at the Gavorrano cliff, the hydraulic safety works in the village of Potassa, and from today we can add the non-repayable loan of 100% to in the construction of a new school canteen and gymnasium at the primary school in Bagno di Gavorrano ».

canteen and gym project Gave

Finally, the redevelopment projects for the municipal school building ensure seismic safety kindergarten in Gavorranoand the energy reclassification of elementary school in Caldanathese represent the items that are still open pending the outcome of the respective funding calls.

“The redevelopment of school facilities has been a priority for the current municipal council since the beginning of the mandate that citizens entrusted to him in June 2018 – the mayor adds.” middle school in Gavorrano, including the exterior and interior renovation of the school’s gymnasium, to serve not only the students’ physical activity, but also some sports associations in the area. In addition to the energy efficiency project Primary school in Bagno and of Barbecue kindergarten, with an investment of 150 thousand and 75 thousand euros. Final renovation of the roof on primary school in Bagno di Gavorranogiven the infiltration problems encountered in the last school year, for a total amount of 70 thousand euros, which must be completed by the beginning of the next school year.

«To these structural interventions it is necessary to add the consolidation in the multi-annual municipal budget of the service body common kindergartenand, otherwise scheduled to close in June 2018, in addition to the annual funding from the 2019/2020 school year directed to the primary school in favor of the “Small Schools” project to enrich the area’s afternoon school offer to protect school complexes in the capital Giuncarico, Caldana and Gavorrano ».

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