Covid in Campania, the hardest hit children: “Campuses are erupting”

Every day “there are three to five positive children.” This was stated by the provincial secretary of Fimp, the Italian association of pediatricians, Giuseppe Di Mauro, as well as national president of Sipps, the Italian Society for Preventive and Social Pediatrics. “The current variant is very contagious, as has been said several times, but now what is different from the other waves is that it is children who transmit it in the home. As if the cycle was reversed, ”says the pediatrician. This is because “the children have not actually changed their habits even though it is summer. On the contrary. They visit a lot of school communities, summer camps or playgroups. These are the ideal conditions in which the virus is transmitted, ”explains Di Mauro.

The estimate is that each pediatrician “registers three, four, even five infected children each day. However, this is always false data, as rapid tests are now used more often and more frequently at home without communicating the result to the pediatrician and, even more seriously, continuing with the reservation of molecular or antigenic inoculations. It is well known that the virus circulates in childhood, just as the symptoms have always been mild. If you want to reason statistically, however, with the increase of the positive ones, the small patients who need hospital observation also increase. It is no coincidence that Covid beds have actually been allocated in many pediatric wards, and the provincial hospital is no exception, ”adds the president of the Italian Society for Preventive and Social Pediatrics. Therefore, it is in preschool and school age that Covid currently finds mild infection, even in vaccinated children, even though the vaccine not only affects the symptoms but also the course of the disease. The children with the vaccine actually remain infected for at least a week, unlike those without an anti-Covid drug, which can be positive even after two weeks, Di Mauro adds. The fact is that precisely in summer communities, such as colonies and campuses, the virus is currently circulating mainly, “with the risk of being involuntarily transmitted to an elderly or frail family member,” emphasizes the Caserta pediatrician.

Be that as it may, the current rise in the last two days seems to suggest a break and precisely in the bulletin published yesterday by the ASL of Caserta, as well as in the previous day, it seems that the number of people who have recovered from the infection is increasing, even greater than the new positives. According to yesterday’s report, 1,073 new infected people emerged from the treatment of 5,842 vaccinations, with an incidence equivalent to 18.37%. Two deaths related to the virus have been reported, for a total of 1,826 Covid victims in Terra di Lavoro since the beginning of the pandemic. On the other hand, 1,557 people have recovered and now the current positive results are 21,035 in the whole province, 486 fewer than the day before. Apparently, the hospitalization rate continues to be low, and often those people over the age of 70 who suffer from other diseases have complications related to those who are more than Covid. The overwhelming majority of the positives are followed by the Covid teams spread across the provincial area and mostly present flu symptoms, especially in the first days of the infection, with fever and colds. Meanwhile, activity in the vaccination centers has resumed at full capacity, in particular to accommodate those eligible for the fourth dose, namely those over 60 years of age.


The necessary information is available on Casertas ASL’s website, through which it is also possible to register and book. Users will at a later date receive a text message on which the company will communicate the details of the appointment to the fourth administration. To date, the coverage with a fourth dose is already 20% compared to the eligible population. Therefore, 37,609 people from Caserta have received the fourth dose of the anti-Covid drug.

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