Appeal to Draghi: ‘President remains’. The school’s voices

The open letter launched by Tuttoscuola (read it here) in a few hours has reached thousands of adhesions. Associations, unions, experts, teachers and principals they ask Draghi to stay. Among the signatories are also many authoritative representatives of trade unions, associations, experts in the education sector and many teachers and school leaders, but also parents and grandparents. The document is still open for other subscriptions (

We repeat that not all government elections can be shared and that Tuttoscuola e.g. was the first to criticize the lack of introduction of teachers’ careers, but the fact is that the moment our country is experiencing is really difficult and that we want further instability to be avoided.

Below are the most significant comments left by subscribers to the appeal launched by Tuttoscuola.

“President Draghi, our school and our young people need stability to be able to plan and build a possible and achievable future together. In this moment of strong crisis that we are going through as Italians and as European citizens in the world, I respectfully ask you to withdraw your resignation and the need for constant and continuous action over time, for this we need stability and reliability it only you can guarantee! to continue to pursue the goals of its mandate, for the benefit of our young people and for the benefit of the whole country. Thank you”.
Maria Teresa Furci, school leader

“The school needs constant and continuous action over time, for this we need stability and reliability that only you can guarantee.”
Maria Cristina Mussoni, kindergarten teacher

“School is the future, let’s use PNRR money well to seriously invest in reforms and upgrade them”.
Laura Francesio, teacher

“I wholeheartedly support this initiative, because it is important in this historic period that a figure of caliber, serious and competent, like President Draghi, remains at the helm of our country.”
Piera Maltoni, teacher

“We live in a time that demands responsibility. We must witness this need. Less than ten months of hard work to keep the “Italian boat” on track. Thank you”.
Maurizio Novak, teacher

“The Honorable President of Comsiglio Mario Draghi continues to rule us. The country, Italy, the Italians need minds like yours, responsibilities and expertise, facts and not gossip! Thank you. A simple teacher, committed to high school in the mountains , which is at risk of extinction … ”.
Rosanna Danzi, teacher

“The authority of President Draghi is the best guarantee of continuing to improve our education system.”
Anna Maria Ajello, former President of Invalsi, Professor of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Rome Sapienza

“Dear President Draghi, I understand your great discomfort at having to culturally (and politically) oppose those who sit in Parliament today – a significant percentage of members are there without any demands – and who instead deserve to sit in other less institutional places, but certainly useful! Do not leave the ship in this stormy sea, get rid of IRRESPONSIBILITY and take the government of the Italian ship back and bring it to a safe harbor. History will give her honor and citizens will recognize In this historic moment, those who care about the fate of Italy, those who love their country, those who look at the interests of their country and not at their own petty political gain by printing elections, are with So I urge you not to give up, but to RESIST by knowing that history is created by people, by their ideas, by their choices, by their ruthlessness ”.
Rosolino Cicero, President of Ancodis

“I have always believed in Draghi’s abilities and I am proud that our country is ruled by someone who is so valued at European and world level. I find it right that he continues his work, especially in this delicate phase ”.
Maria Antonietta Natarelli, teacher

“It is not the time of demagoguery, nor the time of the election campaign. It is a time of commitment and pragmatism. The country is waiting for answers, families are waiting for answers. Companies are waiting for answers to produce and offer jobs. Those who row against the government are out of contact. remain in your post as president. “
Paola Pecci, teacher

“Dear Prime Minister, the school needs to continue and complete the reforms and investments that you and your government have implemented with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. But above all, they need the determination and courage that are crucial to the change and innovation you wanted.Without her, there would have been no resumption in the presence of teaching activities or a normality in state exams.The school had and needs this.Female students – our young people – need your example, your attention to schools and institutions ”.
Elena Centemero, school principal

“The Prime Minister’s experience, professionalism and competence show that ours is a country that does not need politicians who are moving on the wave of voting and consensus, but for people like Dragi who are able to carry out projects and reforms that Italy has been orphaned for too many years ”.
Stefania Ciampa, DSGA

“A crisis at this point would be detrimental, so the president is making further efforts and becoming everyone’s best.”
Caterina Muntoni, retired teacher

“I agree that his authoritative figure should remain so that the country has the opportunity to re-emerge from the abyss it fell into, after years of wicked elections from previous governments. I also understand the huge sacrifice we are asking of you, it is certainly not a trivial matter to sit at tables with numbers of questionable abilities and reliability ”.
Gabriella Pitone, teacher

“I would like to add that going away now would be a very irresponsible act. We must set an example to go ahead. To know how to carry out their choices, especially when they have been made with conviction and to accept the consequences. Leaving a process unfinished is absolutely anti-pedagogical as well as harmful to an entire community. Thank you. “
Maria Napoli, support teacher

“As a parent, vice president of a parent association, I join this appeal. Italy needs stability and secure leadership in government. Dear President Draghi, you have the vast majority of Italians on your side! Do not disappoint us! “
Chiara Crivelli, Vice President of AGe Verona

“All the people who worry about the future and the prestige of this country are doing their duty in their own little way. Do not throw in the towel, stay at the helm of the government.”
Luciano Nisticò

“It is the moment of responsibility: the spontaneous invitation from the Italians to remain in government shows this and shows how distant politics is from the Italians …”.
Luisa Merello, teacher

“My experience in school (after 41 years) ends on 31 August 2022, I had enough time to experience the importance of the school, the difficulties in our education system and how important it is to restructure the start of the new school year. It would really be a great problem to interrupt the action of this executive without saying the petty figure we make by not recognizing the stature of the statesman who leads it, worthy of the greatest esteem and trust (light years away from them, who had the courage to abstain). President Draghi will stay! “
Ambrosina Putaturo, teacher


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