Two-point guide to Rotting Hill Hospital

Rotting Hill is one of the toughest hospitals in Two Point Hospital and the second largest hospital in World 5. Rotting Hill is a landfill converted into a distressed hospital.

A difficult environment, high debt and broken machines make it extremely difficult to manage the hospital effectively. Mastery of the game and proper guidance are essential for the successful operation of the hospital.

This article is the perfect source as it provides information on the best layout in Rotting Hill, star goals, and how to train your staff, increase morale and completely dominate the game.

Best two-point hospital layout for Rotting Hill

Rotting Hill consists mainly of equal square plots in two rows. The influx of patients is very high; therefore, graph 1 should mainly contain the GP’s offices and some diagnostic rooms. The ground next to the first must be the treatment area. Keeping small 3 × 3 rooms in the middle of the plot makes hospital management more efficient.

A plot should mainly contain all the administrative buildings and some diagnostic rooms to ensure a uniform distribution of patients throughout the hospital. This layout allows for rapid patient movement between diagnosis and treatment.

Goals from the Rotting Hill star

1-star hospital destination

  • Treat 100 patients
  • 70% reputation
  • Staff morale 70%
  • Hospital value of $ 1,000,000

If you meet these requirements, you will earn $ 10,000 and 100 Kudosh.

2-star hospital destination

  • Treat 200 patients
  • 80% reputation
  • Staff morale of 80%
  • $ 2,000,000 hospital value

Completing these goals will reward you with $ 20,000 and 150 Kudoshes.

3-star hospital destination

  • Treat 500 patients
  • 90% reputation
  • 95% staff morale
  • Hospital value of $ 5,000,000

Implementing these goals will reward players with $ 30,000 and 200 Kudoshes

Tips for training staff in Rotting Hill

Training can help staff sharpen their skills and achieve better qualifications. Rotting Hill is a dying hospital with $ 10,000 in debt and non-functioning machinery. Training should change the game and satisfy very patient employees.

A training room is required for this purpose, and the number of staff that can be trained depends on the number of places in the room. To start the training, select the qualification from the screen, send the staff to the room and appoint a coach for the job. When you are done, start your workout by pressing the start button.

A guest coach costs $ 10,000 plus an additional internship fee ($ 5,000 – $ 25,000 depending on qualification). The fee is exempt if the instructor is an employee; for example, a hospital nurse with diagnostic qualifications can train other doctors and nurses.

In degradation, hill training is essential to improve worker morale. Due to the unsatisfactory location and condition of the hospital, the staff are dissatisfied. Exercise can lead to workers’ personal development, as it enhances traits such as bedside behavior, emotional intelligence, and motivation that translates into happiness and enthusiasm.

As mentioned above, the influx of patients to Rotting Hill Hospital is very high. In order to treat the masses and administer the hospital effectively, the following qualifications are essential.

QUALIFICATION BENEFIT Customer service improves reception and retail skills General practice Improves diagnostic skills in general practitioners’ offices Maintenance Increases repair and maintenance capabilities throughout the hospital Treatment Increases the skills of treating physicians and nurses Department management Increases diagnostic and therapeutic skills

Rotting Hill: how to control staff morale

As mentioned above, Rotting Hill has unpleasant temperatures and a lot of clutter. Withered plants, broken cars and difficult places have affected employee morale and made them unhappy and unmotivated at work. Managing staff morale is critical to the successful management of Rotting Hill.

Appropriate structures and accommodative policies must be implemented to raise morale. The rotting hill lies on a landfill; therefore, accessible and clean relaxation rooms will be a sigh of relief for the workers. This will make their mood comfortable. A full supply of healthy foods and beverages can be helpful. Radiators and coffee machines must be installed in the rooms.

Regular work breaks along with a decent salary are a must. The external environment is harsh and dirty; therefore, a clean, furnished hospital with a comfortable temperature can encourage staff to work smoothly

Rotting Hill Walkthrough

At Two Point Hospital, when players arrive at Rotting Hill Hospital, they will start with broken machinery and disgruntled staff. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to make money, so it is an opportunity to take out a loan and sell goods. Sell ​​toilets, benches, plants and drinks from the car. Second, you need to clean up the hospital to improve management efficiency.

An increase in the hospital’s reputation and value will increase the influx of patients to the hospital. After reaching star level 1, at least 4 primary medical offices along with the aforementioned layout are crucial to address the masses and ensure effective treatment.

You also work on the hospital’s infrastructure. Install radiators and coffee machines in premises and build more administrative buildings. This will result in better patient management and keep staff morale high. Lowering hospital prices in the earlier stages can prove fruitful as it improves the hospital’s reputation.

Here is a list of illnesses that the player must treat at his hospital. Treatment rooms are mentioned with them:

  • Gray anatomy: Chromotherapy
  • Playful infection: Clown Clinic
  • Premature mummification: encryption
  • Jumbo DNA, Flumps: DNA Lab
  • Injured bone, humerus injury, splintering: fracture department
  • Turtle Head: Headquarters
  • Bed bugs, mood poisoning, spontaneous combustion: injection chamber
  • Pottemund, verbal diarrhea: pharmacy
  • Imperial complex, false star, night fever: psychiatry
  • Floppy Disc Star, Gurning Loins, Pipe Organs: Surgery
  • Bed Face, Lazy Bones, Monobrow, Mucky Feet, Portishead: Ward

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