Tasks for the holidays: now also in digital format, let’s see which apps are the most important

With the closure of this year scolastico still marked by Covid and from the perpetual quarrels over the use of the mask, all on holiday without forgetting what we have studied.

Homework for the holidays goes digital

Let’s talk about the infamous homework for the holidays, hated by all children, but always considered indispensable by teachers to at least preserve the memory of the subjects studied during the school year.


With the school changing skin more and more thanks to the digital transformation that has had an unprecedented acceleration with the pandemic, even the holiday homework sector has become somewhat upset about the advent of digital.

In fact, more and more multimedia tools are available, including APPs, interactive books, and genuine software dedicated to review and exercises to be performed during the long summer suspension of lessons.

We are talking about tools that sometimes require a financial commitment for families, but there are also many completely free.

Let’s see what are some of these tools according to the digital agenda.

Apps for the little ones

Let’s start with the APP, Primary Montessori Box (6-9 Years) by EDOKI ACADEMY: it is a package of educational applications inspired by the Montessori method and dedicated to primary school children.

Another interesting APP is the “Professor Astro Cat solar system”, which describes our galaxy for children with humor. Cadet astronauts can explore the limits of our solar system in application, discover the planets, the moon and build a rocket.
For the science review, we find “Sciences: mammals and other animals that allow you to discover how animals see, eat, play, run and grow.

Apps for English

One of the topics that attracts special attention from parents even during the summer holidays is the English language. For those who can not afford to send their children somewhere summer camp where the Anglo-Saxon language is practiced, here is where one can get the children to freshen up.

Infinite alphabet and an APP that helps children in the first years of primary school, especially in enriching their vocabulary and learning the English alphabet and spelling.

The BBC is learning English is a free BBC platform offering English courses through interactive activities, quizzes and games, while the Cambridge University portal reserves an area dedicated to children aged 6 to 14 with a range of English language review and enhancement activities.

Finally, reporting is required Duolingoan app that promotes foreign language learning, including in addition to English, German, Spanish and French always through play.

Also geography and Italian

As far as the geography review stands out Barefoot, which presents a world as a sphere that rotates at will and displays different icons corresponding to each area of ​​interest.

You can zoom in and click on the animated icons and move to a part of the world where you can explore the flora, fauna, discover curiosities, even today’s climate or historical data.

Redooc is a web platform that aims to teach math and Italian in an innovative way. “It is based on video lessons, notes, maps, tables and interactive exercises and offers the entire ministerial program in mathematics and Italian for primary and secondary school”.

There is also an app that helps to better organize the same holiday tasks it is called “School: assistant of the study“And has several features, including a timer that calculates how much time is dedicated to school each day, a planner to plan holidays, weeks and months without neglecting homework, and a library section that collects all manuals and books.

In conclusion, the digital world as well as being a support for classroom teaching will increasingly become a useful tool also for the summer revue as a replacement or integration of the tasks that teachers impose.

They are tools that help you not to hate refreshment in the summer heat, thanks to fun and multimedia content that will make your infamous holiday lessons “maybe” less hated.

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