After two years of “forced” stop due to covid, it resumed in a fantastic way in its “historic” seat in the park at the Mario Vetrone Agricultural Institute in Piano Cappeals to the training camp in Benevento, a project of the national CONI

From 13 June and for 4 weeks, 60 participants per week from 5 to 13 years 10/12 practiced sports in a playful and preparatory form to give them a healthy motorsport learning and the orientation to sports that was useful in pre-adolescence and the lifestyle, which unfortunately is increasingly not appropriately focused and adopted.

The students were entrusted to a highly specialized technical staff consisting of professors of motor science and federal technicians.

CONI Idrætsskolen and Idrætsmedicinsk Forbund support the project.

Educamp of Benevento was made possible by the availability of the province, as the owner of the Agrario Park and especially by the new rector of the Galilei Vetrone Institute of Higher Education Prof. Giovanni Marro and also thanks to the Director of Administrative Services Dr. Luigia Pittaluga, as well as Prof. Sebastianelli and the Stasi, who have fascinated the young students to the dynamics “in nature” present in the park, with knowledge of aspects of botany.

The predominant activities, more exquisitely ridiculous-sporting, concerned, with the support of federal technicians from the various clubs operating in the area, the following disciplines: Rugby through the “Rugby Factory” led and coordinated by Enzo Rapuano and Peppe Vigliotti with their technicians; Handball, with Paolo Angarano, Rui Carvalho, Francesco Errico and Mattia Marro of ASD Handball Benevento, Director Antonio Schipani and President Carlo La Peccerella; Fencing, masters Francesco De Curtis and Martina Corradino from the Olympic Academy by Dino Meglio and Francecsa Boscarelli; Basketball, coach Vincenzo Pasquariello of Miwa Energia Basket of the Zullo family and Paolo Manganiello of basketball Sant’Agnese through FIP Province President Vittorio Mori; Hip Hop, federal director Francesca De Nigris of Dancing on the World Society; Ice Skating, Master Antonio De Ioanni of the Sannio Roller Society; Calcio, Antonello Abbondandolo from San Rocco Paduli. The technical staff of CONI – ASD Obiettivo Sport then took care of the following disciplines: Pallatamburello, Federal Technician and Provincial Delegate Gianni Varricchio and Director of Educamp; Football: Antonio De Nigris, Stefano Furno and Pasquale Pedata; Volleyball: Imma Pedoto, Monica Mascolini, Davide Petronzi; logistics employee Riccardo Molinaro.

Carefully managed by the CONI staff, the Motor Efficiency Test (TEM), which anonymously provides the database from the national CONI, which photographs “state of the art” of the motor qualities of the Italian population in prepubertal age.

The contribution of Prof. Antonio D’Argenio, coordinator of trainees at Liceo Sportivo Rummo, is important in the future for assistants.

CONI employee Costantino Viscione’s secretarial and webmaster work is valuable.

A compliment to the workers from the kitchen in the Institute’s canteen, who with kindness and quality have “delighted” our young athletes.

All ATA staff at the department are efficient and collaborative.

This week’s guests of honor for this week’s closing theme days for the “Meeting with the champion” column were: Walter Zullo, professional football player and “shareholder” in Miwa Energia Basket, Lorenzo Fragnito and Ivano Rossi from National Accedemia U. 17 of Handball. in ASD Handball Benevento from Educamp of the first edition of 2013; Dino Meglio and Francesca Boscarelli Olympians in fencing; Francesco Cozzi, Massimo Cioffi and Davide Fragnito National Rugby Seven.

Particular success was achieved at the exhibition of the prison police dog units present with the instructors Superintendent Antonio Fiore, Claudio Riccardi and Angelo Sandulli, who gave life to a simulation of search for drugs on people, luggage and vehicles with wonderful anti-drug police dogs.

Prof. Avv. Mario Collarile, CONI provincial delegate, guided the young journalists in the interviews with the masters and gave his cooperation to the weekly farewell ceremonies; he finally commented: “Fortunately, we were able to resume the national CONI Educamp project, which is important for the training of our pre-teens, who, while having fun, were able to learn about many sports , while respecting the rules, others and the environment. We are pleased with the success achieved by crossing the Atlantic, as three children from Los Angeles also participated in Educamp this year ”.

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