School, too much silence

June 29, that speech is the prosecutor of the Juvenile Court of Naples, Maria de Luzenberger: “I have witnessed this situation full of gaps for 17 years and I am also tired of repeating it. We have a third world school evasion, yes maybe “Even worse than the third world. But little or nothing has changed, and many school leaders – especially those operating in more degraded environments – are also afraid to report the data.”

What do we do? What can a newspaper do? What can all those who dedicate time and passion to the fate of the Italian school do? We often ask this, in the face of the problems that become gangrene when we witness it, without anyone taking care of it with the necessary determination that everything deteriorates relentlessly.

We must not be silent, at the expense of being repeated. If only one person joins our struggle every time we talk about it, we have done our duty. So let’s start from here, from the elementary task of not letting the veil fall over situations that deserve the most attention.

July 6, they go out Invalsi data for 2022. A few articles, a few interviews, the usual statements from those who do not believe in this data, those who dispute them regardless without bringing a fluff of numbers, then silence. But we do not give up. They wrote authoritatively about it in this newspaper – perhaps the only one in the front line – Maurizio VitaliTiziana Pedrizzi, Marco Bardelli, Pietro Marzano. I add to their alarm scream. We can not accept as a fact that more than half of our children living in the south do not master the Italian language or do not know how to solve an elementary math problem. IS an entire system under firewhich quickly crashes below the guard level.

Another figure was welcomed with a few too many smiles: On July 6, Censis published the ranking of Italian universities for this year. All the universities of Campania and the other southern regions have dropped to the last places (Federico II is tenth out of ten among the mega universities, in the other categories they end up at the bottom of Salerno, Vanvitelli in Caserta, Partenope, and so on all the others) with secession from the best universities in Center-Nord, which are now unaffordable. The figure is confirmed by the collapse of enrollments, only temporarily buffered during the pandemic, thanks to the abolition of enrollment fees for many universities. But the trend is unique and reveals a loss of enrollment in southern universities in the last two decades of over 30%. The mass emigration of the best and the richest only partially covers this loss.

Also in this case, from the principals concerned only smile, official defense, it is said that the quality of teaching has not been evaluated, appeals to the South’s millennial cultural history, as we know the home of scientists and great personalities. . As if the story – after giving birth to Vico and Croce – somehow represented a mitigating factor and not an aggravating factor in the verdict to be given to the present, the current leaders of the educational and cultural organization operating in The south.

If three clues are evidence, here we have three irrefutable data that confirm a sadly definitive picture. There are, we must say, common policies that can realistically change this situation. If we do not immediately work towards an extraordinary intervention plan that structurally modifies our system and intervenes – for many years – to heal the gap, the “guard limit” that has now been abundantly exceeded will represent the main cause of the underdevelopment.

Let us then return to the statements of Prosecutor de Luzenberger and ask ourselves whether the level of apathy and apostasy reached by those who should organize and guide such an intervention is not in any way the cause of this rapid outbreak. of the situation. The task of those responsible for leading schools and universities, the role of those organizing social policies in the area, can not be separated from two factors: the first, to accept the reality of things and condemn them, not to help hide the dust beneath carpet; the other, to operate as if one were in the trenches, with victims and knowing that there are enemies to fight.

Do not want to do that? Let it be said clearly there are much more comfortable chairs to sit on. Changing generals is sometimes crucial, even before asking the army of teachers, cultural workers, social workers (the few who are left) to do their duty fully. It is a war against ignorance and to save our future, and we cannot continue to treat our young people in this way.

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