Rubber-plastic machines between optimism and uncertainty

July 8, 2022 08:58

For Italian builders from machinery and treatment equipment of rubber and plastic 2021 was a good year, and – if you look at the numbers – it is 2022 opened under the banner ofoptimismeven though there are difficulties, stumbles and uncertainty reigns.

The point about the sector’s situation was made yesterdayAnnual meeting of Amaplast by the President Dario Previero (pictured): “In a complex scenario, our companies first adapted server remotely customers, implementation and standardization of new systems, technologies and procedures; subsequently had to and cope they lack of raw materials and components, recently sharpened by Russian-Ukrainian conflict“. Then add:” We are experiencing a period of strong uncertaintywhere it is becoming increasingly difficult to plan and predict using known measurements, and I think we should rethink partly as we do businessstarting with supply chain management “.

amaplast sector data 2021DOUBLE FIGURE GROWTH. In terms of numbers, the sector has shown a strong ability to recover from exogenous crises.
From the second national sector statistical survey conducted by Mecs-Amaplast Study Center in fact a growth of incomein 2021, equal to + 12%for a value greater than 4 billion euros and an export share now exceeding 72%. The dynamics of inner market were higher than exports resp + 29.7% and + 6.7%.
As a whole, the rubber-plastic machinery sector in Italy counts a little over 400 companies with almost 14 thousand employees. “Companies belonging to turnover classes of up to 10 million euros performed above average,” explained Previero, “while between 10 and 50 million recorded less brilliant results. Last year, the structure of the sector was only strengthened: thanks to the excellent results, was achieved, several companies had gone from the 25-50 million turnover class to the higher one ”.

ASSOCIATES ARE BETTER. They were moving at a faster speed than the sector average 153 companies compliant with Amaplast: the turnover of this subgroup, which can be considered as theelite in the sector, actually increased last year with + 16.1%worth 2.9 billion euro (a level never reached before) and almost half of the companies registered a progression equal to or greater than 20%. Thatemployment: + 16% – in line with the growth in revenue – for a total of 9,141 employees.
The results vary depending on the transformation technologies and the prevailing application sector. The biggest growth – explained Previero – was reported by the producers of automations And helpbut it also went really well for the technology providers to eraser; Double-digit variations were recorded last year by the producers of extrude and associated equipment, as well as machine suppliers for injection And fan.
As for the leading sectors, it is not surprising that they were medical and construction, while in packaging – the main market – “not food“compared to food.

MIST ABOUT THE FUTURE. Harder to make forecasts for the current year, despite one positive first quarterwhere the demand for machines is growing + 10% in the same period last year and a peak of + 28% recorded in foreign markets.
sorema previero systems“The expectations for the second quarter are characterized by a certain optimismwith Order:% s income is still estimated to increase, albeit at a more limited rate of + 6-7% said the President of Amaplast -. Moreover exportto which a predominant part of the production is destined, continue to hold: between January and March 2022 they increased + 9% compared to the same period in 2021 and in value, they have already largely exceeded the value in the first quarter of 2019 “.
“The various critical factors which we have been dealing with for many months now does quite a bit difficult to predict – he added – but it is likely to expect a certain resize sector indicators “. As the Germans did, bringing growth estimates for the current year between zero and two percentage points, against the range between +5 and + 10% indicated in the forecasts a few months ago (read article).

containerAmong the critical issues mentioned by Previero is that of supplies from components And Raw material. “The last two years have shown all the fragility of global supply systems. One is needed for this serious industrial policy continental which enables national and European manufacturing to reduce its dependence on raw materials and semi-finished products from other regions. European Commission legislative measures in support of European industry of semiconductors they are going in the right direction but they need to be added new interventions on raw materials, energy and logistics “.

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