“No more lies about ‘trans’ children”. A scientific manifesto

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We publish below in one of our translations the text of the appeal manifesto published in various European newspapers, including the French Le Point and the Belgian Le Soirof the observatory’s international group of doctors, psychologists, teachers and academics La Petite Sirène, created to address media and institutional unanimity in favor of the so-called “affirmative approach” to the problems of young people’s gender identity. “An operation,” reads the presentation of the appeal, “which leads to an overly hasty medical response capable of producing irreversible physical changes, especially among young people, some of whom exhibit psychopathological problems which should be treated with an approach , which is not affirmative “.

On the list of the first signatories of the manifesto – including many coryphaeus of medicine and childhood professionals, as well as several intellectuals with undisputed authority (some also known by readers of Times such as Elisabeth Badinter, Marie-Jo Bonnet, Rémi Brague, Chantal Delsol, Didier Sicard, Pierre André Taguieff) – the name of David Bell stands out. Dr. Bell, Remember the paper to resume the appeal, ‘he was for a long time head of the Tavistock Clinic in London, the largest English clinic specializing in gender reassignment of minors. Bell drew up a report describing many doctors’ concerns about the way they treated children. A relationship that cost him disciplinary sanctions, which was followed by his resignation. It was a matter of conscience. “I could not go on like this … I could not live like this any longer, knowing of the ill treatment reserved for children” “(Tempi has reconstructed this whole sensational and disturbing case here).

The Le Petite Sirène Manifesto specifies the initiators, “it can be signed by all European citizens invoking the same caution while respecting the rights of transgender people “.


A European manifesto for an objective approach to “gender reassignment” of minors in the media

We, scientists, doctors and academics in the humanities and social sciences, urge the public service and private media in France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and other European countries to faithfully report serious and scientifically verified data on children’s “gender” . dysphoria “. With regard to sex education in schools and educational platforms, we call for respect for the involvement of children and young people in a dynamic development process.

Too many programs and studies today uniquely convey the baseless claims of trans-affirmative activists, often without any objective assessment. Children and adolescents are shown on television with their parents to offer support for the unproven claim that sexual relocation would be beneficial. This is in no way supported by any scientific data, as no one can confirm such false claims.

We are witnessing the publication of a new vocabulary created for the specific function of having an opinion on false scientific credibility. It creates great confusion among the young people.

Those scientists who may have a more critical point of view do not get a vote, or worse, they are rejected without the right to answer.

These repeated and unchallenged pressures from television programs and other media normalize and downplay the ideology that demands the possibility of choosing one’s gender at any age, in the name of “self-determination”, if one does not feel in line with the so-called “Gender assigned at birth “. They could have an indoctrinating effect on young people, continuously reinforced through social networks.

Gender reassignment is often presented as a miraculous solution to youth problems. With the result that the number of young people identifying themselves as “trans” has increased, the number of requests has increased twenty-five times in less than ten years. At the same time, under the pretext of tolerance, a “sex education” is being developed in the schools, starting with the primary school, which absolutely does not take into account the psychological immaturity of children, exposing them to intrusive and confused content in the service. of this agenda ideologically.

It overlooks the fact that these young people are entering a medical / surgical process that is rarely discussed enough so that its real implications can be circumvented or hidden behind reassuring language.

These presentations lack scientific rationality and objectivity. The medicalized “solutions” to these young people’s problems are rapidly increasing despite the fact that the number of young people in transition continues to grow. They have been seriously injured in the body by their “transition”, and testify to the superficiality with which they have been treated by doctors, psychiatrists and other health professionals.

As scientists, childcare professionals, and academics, we strongly disagree with the claim that women and men are merely social constructions or perceived identities.

We do not choose our gender. You are born a woman or a man. Sex is established and registered at birth, and each person builds an identity that is never fixed and that develops over time, which is all too often ignored. You can change the look of your body, but never its chromosome base.

We appeal to the directors of television and radio stations, as well as the written press and other media, to represent not only the diversity of views, but also the real knowledge of gender dysphoria in children and young people. Professionals who support a model of psychological care that takes into account the temporal aspect of children’s and adolescents’ mental illness should not be excluded or absent from the debate.

In the common interest of all, and in particular the youngest, we also ask public institutions to ensure impartiality in the dissemination and dissemination of knowledge on such an important subject.

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