“I love the Ferrari F355 and John Lennon’s Rolls-Royce”

Passionate and knowledgeable, the former Captain Hook started with an improbably smelling Fiat Tipo. Aside from supercars, the best cars for “cuccare” turned out to be the Panda 4X4 Sisley and the Golf Cabrio Genesis

Emanuele Bigi

– Milan

Francesco Facchinetti broke the bank with his Captain Hook, then he changed jobs by looking for new musical talents. We met him because he has a compulsive passion for Rolls-Royces and you will understand why, and for super sports cars. Here’s what he told us about his home.

Francesco, how did your passion for engines come about?

“Like many men, I have a passion for cars, I have to say that it came to me with time because at first I was not so fascinated. Along the way, thanks to my cousins ​​who were mechanics, I got my fingers in cars like Lancia “The Delta integral, and I got a passion for that scent of gasoline, oil, and grease. From there, I began this incredible journey into the world of engines.”

We know you have a special attraction for Rolls.

“For me, it’s the car par excellence, also because it has a connection to music. I’m a big fan of the Beatles and John Lennon. Lennon painted a Rolls with flower themes, a bit like the flower child. I was fascinated by this. a car that represented a status.Since that moment I have approached Rolls and I have had many of them just like I have many pictures of Lennon with his Rolls.In addition to what it represents when you put your ass on one of these vehicles, you know you’re in a special world “.

You mentioned the smell of fat, the whole grain delta. What was your first car?

“A Bordeaux type. I have to tell you an anecdote. Like so many young people, I often forgot the radio and the lights were on, so I used to drive with an extra battery in case it ran out. On one of my trips between Mariano Comense, in Brianza and Milan, I had the battery inside the car overturned. Anyone who knows the smell of the liquid knows that it looks like a rotten egg and also knows that it will never disappear again, even after a billion washes. with amuchina, alcohol and vinegar. I kept the guy who stank until the end of his days. ”

And what did you get by type?

“I developed with a black Smart. We are in the early 2000s and I took a car a little more trendy than the Tipo. Then I started the trip with the Panda 4×4 Sisley from the 90s, a little out of time , but I liked vintage. Shortly after, the Golf Cabrio Genesis came with the color between blue and purple, which changed with the sun. Antiquity fascinated me, and therefore I bought a Volga from the 70s, which is the Russian equivalent of Rolls. “that has a deer instead of the angel. It was a wonderful car that I paid very little for, around 5,000 euros. It had three-seater cashmere seats at the front and rear, round headlights. It was a beauty.”

With the first few songs, you dared to buy some clumsy cars, right?

“Yes, I started working and having some money aside, and there I got a passion for giant cars like the Hummer H1 and H2. They were tanks. My mother told me, ‘People buy the model of these cars, and you buy it. real car instead. “And I replied:” Mom, I like them … “With H2 you could still drive around, with H1 I did not go into the garages”.

Then the passion also involved sports cars.

“I started with a Corvette, it was 2004-2005, maybe it was a C1 or C3, I do not remember well. That car had an incredible torque, but at that time they were in my opinion very dangerous: at 200 per hour turned you steered and the car drove straight. Then I started with the Italian hypercars and supercars. The most beautiful car I’ve ever had is an orange Diablo with the restyling that took place after Murcielago came out. First I had a Ferrari 355, a show, for me the last real Ferrari.I have driven many, like Testarossa, Gto etc. I felt a completely different feeling.It is true that there are some Ferraris that are still interesting today, however after the 355, “I no longer have, I felt the same feeling. From that moment on, I started taking cars with a cadence of three or four months. I had the trip.”

Francesco tell us which machine you “cuccavi” most with.

“I love the Panda 4×4 Sisley and Golf Genisis Cabrio, they were cars you never saw around, so it’s not certain that with an Enzo you get more than a Panda 4×4 Sisley. It depends on what you drive. Having said that, if we only look at the “Wow” effect, I can tell you that when I recorded with those cars or the H1, there was a nice “Wow” effect.

How do you move instead today?

“In recent years, I have driven a little less, because between 18 and 40 I grinded 300 km a day. Every now and then on Saturdays and Sundays I like to allow myself an hour and a half in my area. I usually use a Mercedes G -class 4×4 square, one of the few cars that keeps the market price Compared to the normal G-Class, it has giant wheels and is raised For longer trips with the family, I use a very large seven-seater Gls Amg. ”

Are you looking for Rolls right now?

“I’m looking for a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead that they do not make anymore, for me it is the most beautiful car in the world, but I have to be careful with the prices that have gone out of standard: cars you have paid” X ” today you pay 100%, 50, 60, 70% more.It’s not really easy to find the cars I like for the price I want.Happily I just sold a gray Lamborghini Aventador Svj with gray and “orange interior. I recently saw a beautiful brownish 4×4 Sisley for sale, almost … and also a Dune Buggy, a car that I have already driven but which I have never owned”.

Is it true that you also participated in Gumball?

“Yes, a race for two hundred car enthusiasts from all over the world with Hypercar, Batmobili, Bugatti, McLaren, Lambo Svj, made for six days from Toronto to Miami. A kind of trip all where the cars are tailor-made. For example, I saw a Lamborghini turned into a cow and a Bugatti zebra print.You know the cartoon The world’s craziest race? Same””.

And which car did you participate in?

“I wanted Svj with me, but my wife forbade me and forced me to use a Cadillac Escalade. Forget it. On the way we stopped in Indianapolis, and for the first time I saw the 500 miles. It’s the event. The sport that on in a single day 350 thousand people gather.The participants have to drive 200 laps at 350 km / h 500 miles under the scorching sun.A crazy race that can last up to four hours.A crazy race! Panda 4×4 Sisley, actually if anyone has it and if anyone also sells the purple Golf Genisis call me ”.

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