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Many families, especially because of their children, decide to adopt a dog. Here are the best breeds to adopt

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Anyone who has a son, but also a daughter, is tormented daily by only one request:Shall we get a dog?“but also sentences”I want a little dog, I take care of it. I swearPhrases that parents know well. It happens – often, but not always – that you do surrender and you decide for it please the child and yes buy a dog.

Choose a puppy to be adopted is not a choice to be underestimated. It is important to know the right breed, especially based on the space you have available and the age of your children. So here’s a little one guide to choose the perfect dog for your needs.

Dog, the 10 breeds suitable for children

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That’s good and appropriate emphasize to Does not there are dogs bad. In fact, all dogs are good, but if they are treated badly, they can adopt inappropriate and violent attitudes. In the list below, here are the best dogs, not so much for size as for nature for those with children.


This breed, which became famous and famous thanks to the Disney movie “Lady and the Tramp”, is very much friendly and above all, it is ideal for those with very young children, elderly people and couples without children. A dog for all ages. The Cavalier King has a very disposition loving And lively. The well-behaved also manage to be alone for a few hours. We must not forget that this breed is very demanding and requires great play moments.


It’s a very dog loving and legend. Ideal for those with babies in the house. The toy poodle, but also the Dwarf, can have many colors: hazelnut, reddish, sandy, apricot. This is very loyal to his master. This dog loves to be outdoors and with him you can walk long and beautiful walks


This dog is often confused with the Labrador Retriever and like the latter is very much loyal and loves to play with children. Golden Retriever is ideal for anyone living in apartment because it tends to be very lazy. Moreover, another aspect that should not be underestimated, it is perfect for those who also have other animals in the house.

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Although this dog is very small in size, Maltese, besides being very lively, it is a perfect Guardian by the House. He also loves to play and have fun with everyone: with friends, guests and even the little ones in the house.


This dog, used a lot for hunting seen a dog’s excellent skills. The dwarf beagle is, besides being a faithful friend and protector of the little ones, very lively. Despite what this breed is ideally, thanks to its small size it is perfect for the apartment and which is particularly dynamic and expansive.


This dog, ideal for the whole family, loves it company of the whole family. Thanks to its acute vision and sense of smell, it is also excellent Dog from guard.


Characterized by its small size and long hair, this dog dates back to ancient Rome. According to others, however, it was already present in the time of the Phoenicians. Bolognese is loved too bright temperament but also for the desire to amaze others. The nature is legend and can easily become children’s playmate. However, this breed requires a lot of attention and food in large quantities, but not only: it is very fragile in the constitution and suffers that cold.

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Shin Tzu is a dog of very Chinese origin intelligent and by nature loving. Despite this, he is initially very wary of guests, but then he easily gets in the mood. Given the small size, it is perfect for apartments, he just goes out twice a day.


Collie, who became famous thanks to Lassie, is very playful and loving. But this race, which does not forget to be a shepherd, also does not despise being alone. He is a very dog obedient which makes it manageable even for those who have a very large family.


The dwarf tip, also known as the “Pomeranian” is a very dog small with pronounced hair. This breed is a lot glad And legend, but at the same time it responds very well to orders. It is also ideal for those living in apartment.

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