Gusmaroli, the VIP chef who has decided to work in a nursing home. Gourmet dishes for the elderly –

from Donatella Tiraboschi

The chef from Bergamo was a student of Gualtiero Marchesi: I cooked for Berlusconi and many others, I try to offer taste to the guests of RSA
prepared for countless VIPs. The first thing that comes to mind: Berlusconi, Mike Bongiorno, Raimondo Vianello and Sandra Mondaini, Gullit, Van Basten, Sacchi and has done so at hotel facilities around the world: For the hotels in the Ciga chain, which were owned byAga Khan Karim and then at several other hotels, from Jolly in Milan2 I traveled to New York, to Hawaii to Honolulu, from Barcelona to the Costa Smeralda.

In short, the most classic and traveling career a chef could wish for, because if you, like Antonio Gusmaroli, were a student of the great Gualtiero Marchesi, you can not help but consider your culinary art as a passepartout that opens an infinite number of doors. Until you decide to close them to open others. Going from VIPs to grandparents, from superstar hotels to RSA in the Po Valley is easy if, as in this case, you are guided by the heart and a passion that through the love of food points directly to the happiness of those who eat. The best compliment I can receive is the smile from someone who tastes my dishes. Food is joy and I really want to get them all to eat well, my grandparents. And look at the delicacies with relative dishes coming out of the RSA kitchen Sereni Horizons of Fiesco, in the province of Cremona, where he has worked for two years with the help of two partners and with a satisfaction that one can not at all imagine that one can understand how and why all the 80 guests declare themselves very happy for the chef. A 57-year-old cooking professional, originally from Piazzatorre, who since the age of 14 had a clear idea of ​​what to do in life.

My school was the hospitality of San Pellegrino, a powerful school, very serious and demanding, while in the summer since I was 15 I have always had a suitcase in hand. This is how I started working as a pot washer at Grand Hotel in Rimini, an experience that proved to be fundamental. Maybe because in a large kitchen with another equally large brigade, he is able to light even more the holy fire (the stove) and the trade. Which kept burning even in the other summers, where after school I made the seasons in Presolana, in Castione near Miglioratiand then again one Foppolo in my mountains.

However, the globetrotter Gusmaroli stops at a certain point, gets off the carousel. The very simple reason I got married and with a wedding ring on my finger it was not possible to think about continuing to live this type of life. After settling down in the Po Valley, Gusmaroli looks around. And I realized – he continues – how many rest homes there were in the area. I said to myself: why not use all the experience I have had and suggest my kitchen to the elderly ?. Said, done, cooked and eaten. It’s the 2000s and the gastronomic approach Gusmaroli introduces in the first RSA where he arrives, a Pizzighettonecompletely overturns a stereotype that in such structures sees endless soups, overcooked appetizers and faded entrees.

The brand new concept from the chef from Bergamo: to be concretely inspired by the wonderful dishes prepared in his career and to restore them in a diet key, but tasty for grandparents. For even with food you must love him and not bad. It’s all about the ingredients, (except for the fact that the chef has studied them for a lifetime in all their aspects: It is believed that curry is a single spice when there are many seeds instead). And of course I cook according to the instructions of the nutritionist and the director of the structure, Giusy Soccini, with whom I share my professional vision. For example, when I cook penne all’amatriciana, I certainly can not use pork chin, but with some bacon already cooked, I go to revisit the original recipe. These are precautions that do not detract from the taste, also because this is Gusmaroli’s true mission: to eat a pleasure at all ages of life, but when you are old it becomes even more so. I see their happy eyes and I do not regret. Are you considering going back to restaurants? No, they are like heaven, they can wait.

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