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F1 22 has finally arrived in full version, and after the various tests performed, we can say that Electronic Arts and Codemasters have only partially centered goal. This simcade (a cross between arcade and simulation, NDR) is the watershed between the first turbo-hybrid era and the F1 of the future, based on single-seat, earth-moving seats that return to tread the asphalt around the world after being banned in 1983 because of their danger. Those who expect good news may be disappointed in some ways, but there is also much more good. Let’s fasten our helmets and go on the field!

Forget the single seats that are full of heels, aerofoils everywhere and hard to drive when following another car. The driving model of the F1 22 is definitely well calibrated, with the machines reproducing the dynamics of the vehicle typical of this new era from the beginning: they are heavy machines, slow in direction changes and harder to drive out of turns due to the difference in tires and rims compared to before. While it is true that it has become easier to follow a rival, it is also true that it is much easier to spin or lose the car after jumping too profusely on a curb. The advice we can give you, minus the complaints that have been heard around since the preview, is to reset everything and start from scratch both in terms of driving style and as an approach to tuning.

In urban circuits, for example. these cars look like real trucks. It is difficult to get them into the basket, they are very slow to turn at the hairpins, and if you give an extra bit of gas with too much steering stroke, you immediately lose control. Finding the best balance is the key to winning, so in Career Mode, focus on Friday’s challenges early so you can evolve as quickly as possible. At the same time, AI looks a lot tougher than it used to be: do not hesitate to play hard and let yourself feel the rotations if necessary. That said, aside from the adjustment round to be made and the fast-paced time events during pitstops, it’s pretty much last year’s game with rebuilt cars and an updated driving model. If you are among those who were hoping for the crucial pace change to bring the series into the world of simulation, we must sadly tell you that you will be very disappointed. The title is also affected by several errors, which we are sure will be corrected over time. The Driver Career and Scuderia Career modes are roughly the same as last year.

F1 Life … but why?

This is perhaps the most grotesque side of F1 22. The social dimension where friends come to see Supercars in the six different areas of the house is very reminiscent of the dynamics of Test Drive Unlimited 2, where one bought villas and found friends to chat with . All this obviously spiced with “choose the color of the sofa”, “choose the color of the rug” and other situations that seem completely out of The Sims. Too bad we’m talking about the official Formula 1 game, and all of this is pretty much out of the question. Those who buy this type of game do not want to find themselves flipping through the catalog of a cheap furniture factory, they want to immerse themselves in the highest category of motorsport with open wheels. The little friend with the glamorous avatar sitting on the couch in front of the Supercar, which can be used for a few seconds on a track, without any ambitions, will gladly do without it.

F1 22

Graphics and sound

The graphics are one of the flagships of the F1 22. The cars’ models are simply fabulous, the circuits are also well made and the play of light enhances the immersion. The same goes for the videos and the narrators’ voices, where the great Davide Valsecchi gives the scenario the extra touch of color. The same can be said about the sound, at the height of the situation and which also helps to get into the cockpit of the car. By and large, this transition from the older turbo-hybrid generation to these new ground power machines has been perfectly rendered, with all due respect to the skeptics on the doorstep. Sound control in urban circuits is a really good idea, with the sound from the individual seats “sounding” much more than in traditional circuits.


Without a doubt, the online sector of F1 22 is the spearhead of the title, as eSports is now a huge reality and this is one of the hottest series. Here, too, there is no shortage of errors, but the servers, at least for the time being, appear to be stable. The main problem is that the tire temperature is reset in online mode, resulting in driving problems. They may seem like minor issues, but for those who play competitively internationally, these are very, very big issues.

F1 22

F1 22 is the classic two-sided game. There are many good things, like the new physics of the single seats and the repetition of the latter, but just as many go from there with the question mark. The part of the house where the furniture has been replaced, the supercars, the high number of faults that have been present since the launch and which have only been partially corrected, etc. these are aspects that in our opinion have nothing to do with such a title. Do we recommend the purchase? Well, if you’re a fan of Formula 1, of course yes. If, on the other hand, you have the title from last year and you would only buy it for “inertia”, the advice is to at least wait for the errors to be corrected.

► F1 22: Champions Edition is a racing-Simulation-Sport game developed by Codemasters and released by EA Sports for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the video game was released on. 28/06/2022

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