Entry into the role of GaE, GM and GPS 2022 teachers, candidates included in the reserve: who can apply for employment

Applicants who, as a result of a dispute, were admitted subject to the various rankings used to enter the post could participate in the various recruitment procedures: What are the necessary requirements for this purpose?

We answer the question and remember first and foremost the procedures and the various recruitment rankings.


Recruitments for the academic year 2022/23 will take place in the following order and in accordance with the procedures set out below:

  1. ordinary entry into the role
  2. input in the role throughout Speed ​​dial
  3. employment extraordinary using GPS first tape

The extraordinary competition bis is added to the above procedures.


The location from which to subtract:

  1. input in the role ordinaryis GaE and GM (kindergarten / primary school: ordinary GM 2016, extraordinary GM 2018, ordinary GM 2020; upper secondary school: ordinary GM 2016, extraordinary GM 2018, extraordinary GM 2020, ordinary GM 2020). The sites are divided by 50% (50% GaE and 50% GM);
  2. entry into the role throughout Speed ​​dialit is GaE and GM (same as those listed above);
  3. extraordinary employment time-limited contracts, aimed at being placed on the role, they are GPS first band support.

Admission to the rankings with reservations

In order to return to the initial question, we assume that the draft text of the operating guidelines for the employment of teaching staff as 2022/23 provides specific indications, ie. aspirants included with reserve in the rankings pre-ordered for the entrances in the role after lawsuits.

In the text above:

– there is no distinction in the ranking, so it indications I am valid for GaE, insolvency GMs and GPS (although the recruitment of the latter takes place first for a limited period and then in the academic year 2023/24 indefinitely, it is in any case a procedure aimed at the role);

– thatimmediate execution of any judgelimited to the rankings directly involved;

– in the case of judge still pendantIt is stated that the interested applicants:

  1. is located in role with reserveif provided for by the relevant legal instrument (which therefore guarantees the usefulness resulting from inclusion in the rankings, ie employment in the role);
  2. is not placed in the role and has place set aside pending sentencing if the judicial order does not guarantee the usefulness resulting from inclusion in the rankings (as mentioned above).

Presentation of bodies

In the light of the indications in the operating instructions, may submit an application to participate in the above procedures (see first paragraph):

  • applicants who are subject to reserve after a dispute and whose legal mechanism guarantees the usefulness of inclusion in the rankings;

Specifically the aforementioned aspirants:

  1. if included in GaE and / or insolvency GM, they could be “called” (based on the number of seats and the ranking of the interested party), with a specific notice published by the relevant USR, for the purpose of submitting the online application for selection, in order of preference, of the combination of provincial competition class / place type (a larger number of candidates are called in than the permitted seats to meet any waivers); The whole procedureImage guide presentation application
  2. if included in GaE and / or insolvency GM, be able to submit an application to participate in the Quick Call (at the end of the ordinary posts in the role, if there are still seats left); Procedures
  3. if included in the first band supports GPS, they could submit an application to participate in the exceptional recruitment procedure for support posts; remained vacant and available at the end of the above operations (instance). Procedures

regarding aspirants iincluded subject to a dispute, and if the legal mechanism does not guarantee the usefulness resulting from the inclusion in the rankings to which the space will be allocated, it is not indicated whether they can in any case, submit an application with subsequent verification of the regulations of the entity itself (in this case, for the presentation of the application or not, it is advisable for the applicant to consult with the USR of interest and / or with trade unions).

Entries in the role of teachers 2022: 94,130 appointments, ok by MEF. Here is the ranking: 22 thousand in Lombardy, 5 thousand in Campania

Posts in the role of teachers 2022: the procedure will be on online instances. GUIDE TO CHOOSE PROVINCE. USR messages

Registrations in the role of teachers 2022, from the 2016 to the 2020 competition, from the fast call to the GPS support: all the locations from which you can be hired

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