Airfryer: how it works and the benefits

We would have a lot to say about the truth of the saying, that fried or baked in the oven, but we are no longer in doubt about the use of the fryer: this appliance is actually one of the best allies you can have in the kitchen to prepare crispy lunches and dinners in minutes and with the use of a reduced amount of fat. In the last two years we have not heard of anything else: we therefore decided to explain how it works (really), indicating the main parameters to be considered during the purchase, and three models, as to be on it secure page that fits all wallets.

How the airfryer works

The air freezer is, as the name suggests, a device that promises to recreate the effect of fried food without using oil, but only hot air. This appliance actually uses a cooking chamber (the basket in which the food is located) that is able to wrap the plate with an intense and continuous jet of air at very high temperatures to cook them inside and keep them crispy on the outside. The air therefore simulates the action normally performed by the oil when frying a food, as it also completely surrounds the ingredient with a heat that can reach 200 degrees. Basically, its function is not unlike a convection oven: however, the high temperature and power are far superior, which greatly reduces not only the weight that you would have with a classic frying, but also the time required to prepare the dishes . It is clear that the energy consumption of the air fryer is very high and is around a value that can vary from 800 to 2,000 watts. However, given the oil and gas savings (especially in recent times), it can be considered a more sustainable tool both on an environmental and an economic level. Additional benefits are the easy cleaning (as mentioned there is no use of grease and the components can be washed in the dishwasher) and the total absence of the annoying and persistent smell of fried food at home.

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What can be cooked with the air freezer

Can you think of all the foods that can be fried? Here: each of them can be inserted inside the air freezer and reproduce a similar result, with the only limitation that their size must correspond to that of the cooking chamber of the selected model. It is therefore possible to cook potato croquettes, breaded mozzarella, vegetables in tempura or tender, chicken or vegan nuggets, french fries, meat and fish. Not only that: The latest air freezers also allow you to use other types of cooking, further expanding the range of possible preparations. Some allow you, for example, to cook roasts or make saliva; still others even go so far as to cook risottos. In short, proposing itself as an easy alternative to frying, the appliance has now become a real assistant in the kitchen like other longtime colleagues who are much more noble.

What to consider when buying an airfryer

The boom in the sale of frying pans that we have witnessed in the last two years has led manufacturers to expand their technology to the point that today it is really difficult to choose the model that best suits your needs. However, there are a number of parameters that are useful to consider when buying the appliance. The first is the temperature that the air jet can reach: if it does not reach 200 °, it is very difficult for the results to be really satisfactory. Secondly, it is good to assess the capacity of the basket that houses the cooking chamber and calibrate it based on the people you intend to cook for: if the goal is to speed up the operations for singles or couples, a liter of capacity can be sufficient while for an entire family to be up. The last three aspects to be evaluated are then the adjustability of the temperature (adaptation to the dish), the heating times (for yes, just like an oven, the air freezer must also be preheated) and the presence of a timer (so as not to burn lunches and dinners).

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The best airfryer models on the market

One of the best fryers available at the moment is definitely the Philips Airfryer XXL Premium, as it offers a basket of more than 7 liters, a touchscreen display and five different cooking programs. Furthermore, it automatically adapts its properties to the food you intend to cook, it is dishwasher safe and accompanies everything with an application (NutriU) that provides several ideas and recipes. All these functions are thus gathered from a design that has received many awards and which makes it perfect to stand out on the kitchen table. The price is definitely high, but if you can give up the technology that adapts the operation to the food and just choose the cooking modes yourself, then Aria Cosori XXL works just as well. Less spacious, it offers preheating and heat retention functions and replaces the app with a recipe book in pdf.

Finally, those who want to cook for one or at most two people can choose Aria BEPER P101FRI001, which allows you to fry, grill, fry or simply prepare dishes at a temperature between 80 and 200 degrees by placing them in a 2 -liter basket. All the mentioned products are available in major white goods stores or on Amazon.

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