Abruzzo Marameo Festival in Pescara: 2022 program

From 19 to 22 July in the Obelisco Auditorium Flaiano there will be shows and readings for families and children

PESCARA – The summer season begins for the little ones at the Florian Metateatro in Pescara with a four-day festival full of shows and readings for families and children. There will be afternoons where you can meet different themes, as the subtitle of the event says, from land to sea: the environment and nature theme, several science fiction visions, classic fairy tales and myths, and also a look at the world of cinema and cartoons that are so dear to boys and girls.

“Festival Marameo”, an interregional reality that Florian has been a part of for several years now, which includes five regions: Abruzzo, Calabria, Lazio, Marche, Puglia (as well as a host, Basilicata), which offers activities in 44 municipalities and realizes an international Theater and Solidarity project, which this year will see more operators involved in Nairobi (Kenya), from 17 September to 2 October, with shows and workshops.

Florian Metateatro thus continues its calling and tradition with the theater for children with reviews that have filled the Pescara summer for years and beyond, with the well-known Tutti a Teatro! summer. The formula for the festival, which will take place in the area of ​​the Flaiano Auditorium thanks to the collaboration of the EMP-Ente Manifestazioni Pescaresi and the support of the municipality of Pescara, will be a story told by Florian actors and actresses at. 18:00 and to follow a show that starts at. 18.30, in the Obeliskrum in the theatre’s pine forest on the southern promenade in Pescara.


It starts on Tuesday 19 July with a first show for a very young audience, from 4 years, and the classic story of the three little pigs staged by the Abruzzo company I guardiani dell’oca, the historical group now known in all over Italy for theatrical event in the woods with the international festival of goblins. From their creativity assisted by big puppets and actors, the story of the three little pigs will open the festival, preceded by readings by one of Florian’s historical actresses, Emanuela D’Agostino with her tales of “Men and Gods”.

It continues on Wednesday, July 20, with the story of “Fine heads” and the voice of Serena Di Gregorio, and the show Area 52 by the Roman group The company of the week after, which has been working for some time on the experiment of the theatrical clown and about the enrichment and mixing of clown languages ​​with different techniques and disciplines: music, comic book therapy, improvisation, theatrical animation techniques and puppetry.

Area 52 is a fun theatrical clown show that mixes live music performed with clarinet, voice, loop station and the “magic” theremin, an electronic musical instrument that does not require contact with the musician.

Thursday the 21st of July will be a day dedicated to nature: The stories in the theater will see Anna Paola Vellaccio talk about “Tales of Lavender”.

To then continue at. 18.30 with Il Mago del Grano, for children from 5 years, of the historic Potlach Theater in Fara Sabina, a theatrical reality born in 1976, in the small town of the province of Rieti, which will be the center of their international artistic research against European, Asian and Latin American performative cultures. The performance is combined with the environmental and very current theme, the main character is little Linda, who grew up among the songs of the autumn, at a time when farmers are forced to leave the landscape due to alternating droughts and heavy rainfall. ., which destroys the harvest. Thus began his journey through distant lands in search of the golden grain that was able to survive all bad weather.

The Marameo Festival, Tales of Land and Sea, ends Friday afternoon, July 22, with the stories of another historic Florian actor, Alessio Tessitore, with “A memoria,” at 6 p.m. 18.00, and the show from Compagnia degli Some in Treviso, at 18.30 from the age of 5, Leo da Vinci, the story of how the character based on the young Florentine genius Leonardo da Vinci was born, played out in the studio by two cartoonists: the conceited chief designer and his assistant. . Films that Gli Some has actually made with an international production, successfully released in Italian and European cinemas, “Leo da Vinci – Missione Monna Lisa”: Sergio Manfio, the director of the film, will be staged in the theatrical performance.

The performances will have a ticket of 6 € and Tales at the Theater of 1 € and will all take place in the Auditorium Flaiano, on the seafront C. Colombo 122 in Pescara.

Detailed plan

Tuesday, July 19th
18 hours
Stories in the theater “Men and Gods” story by Emanuela D’Agostino
The Three Little Pigs Goose Guards (Guardiagrele)
actor theater from 4 years
“Why does everyone say bad if I eat pigs while no one says anything if you eat them?” It means the poor wolf of history who tries them all to satisfy his hunger. But the three little pigs you know are very good friends, and they wisely beat that poor guy.

Wednesday, July 20th
18 hours
Stories in the theater “Fine heads” story by Serena Di Gregorio
Area 52 Business of the Week by (Rome)
Theater clown show for theremin, loopstation and alien puppets from 5 years
Jury Prize Milano Clown Festival 2020
An unidentified object, probably of foreign origin, fell from the sky overnight. A US scientist from NASA is being sent to the crash site to examine it with sophisticated equipment. Is it a message sent by alien populations? What will they mean for humanity?

Thursday, July 21st
18 hours
Stories in the theater “Stories about land and plants” story by A.Paola Vellaccio
18.30 Il Mago del Grano Potlach Theater (Fara Sabina)
actor theater from 5 years
He is not a magician with a cone in his head, but as a magician, our protagonist Nazzareno reads many books and studies, not magic, but plants and seeds, how they grow and what they need. Together with Carlotta, his wife, he fills the fields with wheat: blonde ears that sway and form a sea of ​​gold-colored waves; a sea filled with stories of working peasants, of fragrant fields, and of children playing freely.

Friday, July 22nd
18 hours
Stories in the theater “A Memoria” narrative by Alessio Tessitore
Leo da Vinci Company The Some (Treviso)
actor theater with puppets and videos from 5 years
Leonardo, a dreamy boy, builds a machine to try to fly! But if he is alone and even a genius does not have fun! So here he lives his adventures with his inseparable friends Lollo and Lisa. The adventures of Genius Leonardo, as well as in the theater, can be seen on television and in the cinema. “As a film director” says Sergio Manfio (on stage in the play) – “It was extremely stimulating to work with a highly qualified team, a working group where everyone: Germans, French, Indians and of course Italians, did their best and contributed to international success.”

Abruzzo Marameo Festival in Pescara: 2022 program
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