What are grests and why are they so important to children

Summer is without a doubt the most beloved season of children, who after the school year can finally enjoy their holiday with other schoolmates or with other children to become friends with. Generally this season, the speakers organize so-called Grestthe abbreviation for G.SUMMER GROUPwhere paths to growth and social conditions are proposed, lived in the perspective of faith, mutual respect and cooperation.

The Grests, also called summer camps, help children socialize and represent a valid ally for parents who have to work and therefore do not have time to accompany their younger children all day. In fact, when school ends for many families, the difficulties begin precisely because they do not know who to entrust their children to. Grests are the ideal solution, as the little ones can learn many new things and socialize in a safe, dynamic and stimulating environment.

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How is Grests structured?

Grests have a variable duration, generally of a few weeks, and aim to create a supportive community where everyone can feel part of a well-identifiable group. For this purpose, they are manufactured and then distributed personalized t-shirts for kidscolored or monochrome with the simple logo for the oratorio or for Grest’s years, sometimes enriched with beautiful fonts.

These are basically T-shirts that identify affiliation with the Grest that children can take home after summer camp as a keepsake. In addition to t-shirts, children are also given nice matching gadgets, such as caps or shorts, which can be distributed by groups, teams and age groups.

In fact, gods are organized under Grest game, usually divided by age at which teams are formed. This creates the healthy competitive spirit, through which the little ones approach play and sport and understand the importance of victory and also of defeat.

Grests are then led by groups of entertainers, in turn, consists of fairly young boys aged 14 and over, who are at the service of the children during the period allowed by the summer campus. Many months before the start of Grest, the animators start devising, creating and organizing the games and all the animation activities that need to be put into practice.

What activities are suggested?

The activities are very varied and can be divided according to age. Among the most popular are water fight, a harmless game where children enjoy “wars” with water balloons. Among the other particularly popular games there is also the treasure hunt, the wall ball, the construction of origami paperwater tennis, bowling football, flag theft, sack racing, bell, colored, blind fly, rope jumping and many more.

There are many activities of a physical nature, but there are many other fun and educational ones such as observing through the telescope of the starry sky, visiting a teaching yard, learning a language or playing a musical instrument.

Some Grests are organized at tourist sites, or in any case, where there are interesting attractions to visit, such as museums or castles. This is how the summer campus, in addition to representing a meeting place, contributes to culturally enriched young people who can visit fascinating and mysterious places like castles, or experience outdoor days by lakes or rivers that occur near archeological finds.

Children can thus learn about customs, past lives and ancient legends.

Why is Grest so important to young people?

For children, Grest or summer camps have always been important for many reasons. First of all, it’s a useful way to socializeespecially for more shy children who have more difficulty relating to their peers.

As already mentioned, Grests represents a valid ally for working parents who could not take care of their children, who in turn, instead of getting bored at homethey can experience a number of very enjoyable adventures and learn many new things.

In Grest there is never a shortage healthy physical activity, which is great for kids both physically and mentally. There are too many children parked for hours in front of tablets, smartphones and TV, while a cozy summer campus would help them stay in shape and implement many interesting activities that stimulate the mind and enrich culturally.

For young people, Grests is more important than ever in this post-closure period, which actually “stole” two years of growth from the children. Many children have almost forgotten what it means to socialize and be in the company of their peers, so much so that there have been several physical and somatic disorders in different children after the restrictions. Grests helps get used to living with other people and socializing, and partially tries to regain the two years of lost lockdown.

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