We are an increasingly less sporty country: with Covid, two million Italians have stopped exercising, a drastic drop in children

A country always older is always less sporty. Where to pandemic risks having given the coup. This is the disturbing photograph taken by Italy of sports since last report ConesIstatwhich tells how much Covid have done wrong: only in 2020 did they get lost 1.7 million members and 5 thousand companies. And two millions of the Italians have stopped exercising.

The research confirms what everyone involved in victims of violence world of Italian sports they already knew it, after seeing him with own eyes: in the last two years with pandemics many team I am disappearThousands of associations have closed in flying and who knows if they will ever open them again, millions of children have been locked inside the house and may never return fieldin track or in pool. For the first time, the bill to be paid is precisely quantified: according to Coni data, in 2019, that is, before the virus, in Italy 14.8 million members; only in 2020 13.1 million (and it is reasonable to expect that in 2021 is even fewer). If the technicians stopped, who were able to reuse themselves with distance learning, they literally collapsed judges for cancellation of races and competitions. The largest decrease (-14%) is in the institutions of promotion sportyit is not among the agonists, but in basic practiceand this is even more worrying because it means the virus has crept into communitychange habits for the worse.

Here are the numbersIstat (arriving until the end of 2021): due to Covid, Italians practicing diligently sports activity has fallen from DKK 15.8 million. in 2019 to 13.8 million. This means that two million people have stopped playing sports, in a country where football apparently remains the national sport by secession, followed by tennis, volleyball, basketball and athletics. It’s us now taillight across Europe: over Nordic countries such as Sweden and Germany 50% of the population engaged in activities and the French and Spanish cousins ​​still touch 30%alone Greece And Portugal they perform worse than ours 23%.

In recent months, everyone has focused on damage most clearly caused by Covidwhich are the economic ones, also confirmed in the Istat dossier: 30 thousand jobs lostfrom 132 thousand to the current 104 thousand, a downward trend also compared to 2020 and in the worst moment of the pandemic, showing that after-effects they still apply. Percentage of Italian families who supported expenses to sports activities decreased 22 to 12%, one of the many echoes of the cross-cutting economic crisis caused by Covid. But perhaps the worst has not yet come, and there is a fact that reveals it.

That large fall in sports he was among the youngest, between 6 and 14 yearswho lived two years of their youth at intervals, locked inside the house for long months: before Covid 70% of our children used to practice at least one discipline, now only 55%. It’s a given very worrying because this is the most precious band for the sports pyramid: today’s teenagers, the born between 2008 and 2010are the boys who in 3-4 years will form reservoir for the replacement of our national team. And this can have negative consequences, especially in team sport, such as football, volleyball or basketball, which are already in poor health. If we add the most general demographic problem (Italy continues with getting old: in 2070 we will have 12 million fewer inhabitants, and in the last 20 years we have lost 5 million Italians between the ages of 18 and 35, ie in the age of sport) one understands how the prospects are becoming increasingly bleak. The President of Coni, John Malagois he concerned: “They are important bodies for our world, which must get some reply by whom with competence. It is clear that if nothing happens, then it happens impossible achieve the results that have made us a model to emulate ”. Not only because of Covid.

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