The universal remote control that makes the air conditioner smart

Return home e find the cool environment is a dream that we can become a reality thanks to technology and to home automation, but without using weak-minded numbers. In fact, we are finding more and more on the market, ie universal remotes with Wi-Fi technology for remote control in conditioner. The task of the remote control Wellclima Smart is exactly this: to transform the air conditioner (or air conditioner) into machines that can be controlled by smartphone and therefore remotely.

The advantage of being able to remotely control an air conditioner or several machines is obvious: it is possible to set the correct use when necessary, as it is always possible. keep control the temperature, even if you are not at home. Especially to be aware always, but especially today, that the price of energy has risen significantly. Thanks to remote control of air conditioningwhich can also be portable or window type, is Wellclima Smart compatible with over 300 brands, it is possible to transform the machines into IoT systems that are coordinated through home automation to optimize consumption and thus the price of the energy bill. But there is not only Wellclima Smart: Here are three options for making the air conditioner smart uses very little.

Wellclima: The set for Smart air conditioning

The set to transform the cooling system into a home automation system is really simple and consists of a remote control, a device Wireless Internet to connect the remote control to the Internet and a app must be downloaded to the smartphone with which one can perform remote control.

Thanks to the app, which works on both Android and iOS, it is possible remotely set the temperatureturn the air conditioner on and off.

The universal Wellclima remote control to make the air conditioner Smart can be found on Amazon at the price of 65 euros and it is the classic product that everyone should buy: it costs little and is well spent.

Wellclima universal remote control for Smart air conditioning

Wellclima universal remote control for Smart air conditioning

SwitchBot Hub Mini set for Smart air conditioning

That SwitchBot Hub Mini Smart Remote is a set that allows you to make air conditioners and possibly other appliances smart. It’s compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa Siri and IFTTT, so once configured you can execute voice commands such as “turn on the air conditioner“,”turn off the air conditioner“or”set the temperature“.

The hub must be connected next to the machine, therefore a possible wall installation must be considered.

From the app on the smartphone, however, you can execute all the commands including the setting of one hours to turn on or off.

The Switchbot Hub Mini remote already has an excellent list price, in fact it costs 45 euros, but today it is thanks to the discount on Amazon on offer at 35 euros (-10 euros, -22%).

SwitchBot Hub Mini Smart Remote Universal Remote Control for Smart Air Conditioner

SwitchBot Hub Mini Smart Remote Universal Remote Control for Smart Air Conditioner

Sensibo Sky: the set to transform air conditioners into Smart

With Sensibo Sky Kit it is possible to set up several machines and this results in optimal management of energy savings for the apartment as a whole. The app allows you to set various parameters, such as on or off temperatures, the timer, the ability to turn on the climate only when there are people in the room or within a certain area (geofencing), to put connected machines to rest when we are away, to reduce energy consumption.

The Sensibo Sky set itself starts already at an excellent list price and allows you to save a lot on your bill. Today it is for sale on Amazon with a great discount on the final price 99 euros (-36 euros, -27%) to which you can add an additional 20 euro discount with coupons at a final price of 79 euros.

Sensibo Sky Remote Control with Smart Air Conditioning App

Sensibo Sky Remote Control with Smart Air Conditioning App

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