The parents’ battle for the Sant’Alessandro school continues: 600 signatures collected

New banquet day for collecting signatures on Saturday 16 July in Castrono to support the Marconi primary school in Sant’Alessandro and prevent it from being closedas proposed by Mayor Giuseppe Gabri with the support of his council given the progressive decline in births that led to not forming the first class for the school year 2022-2023.

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Collection of signatures on the Tigros di Castronno for the Sant’Alessandro school 4 of 5

The municipal administration’s proposal is to close the complex from September next year and at the same time transfer the students from Sant’Alessandro to Pascoli di Castronno.
The parents dispute this decision and also the numbers on which it is based, ensuring that there would be numbers to constitute a first class in Sant’Alessandro for the school year 2023-2024.
Hence the creation of a dedicated Facebook page (at this link) that has in recent weeks, a signature collection has been promoted, which reached the threshold of 600 subscriptions this morning, July 16th.

Nearly 400 signatures collected to save the Sant’Alessandro school. “It’s just the beginning”

And this afternoon from kl. 17.30 we continue, always in front of the Tigros in Castronno, with a new banquet to gather connections from new supporters of the opportunity to keep the Marconi primary school in Sant’Alessandro open.
A match in which they have also already taken a stand teachers from the whole department, including Castrono, which in a unanimously divided document has reported on the risk of negative consequences for all schools in the area with a general deterioration of the educational offer in the area.

Teaching staff unanimously: The Sant’Alessandro school must remain open

On the other hand, also the principal Rector Gabriella Cicolini in an open letter assessed the decision to close the complex as “premature”, asks the mayor to create a momentary discussion on the subject extended to the administrations of the neighboring municipalities, which among their inhabitants have children enrolled at the Marconi school in Sant’Alessandro (here the intervention of the mayor of Brunello).

Meeting with the other mayors, principal and a representation of the teachers then granted and organized by Mayor Gabri, who, however, at the last minute chose not to attend because he believed that “there were no conditions for a peaceful discussion”.
A wasted opportunity that sparked further protests from parents who had already seen themselves denied by the mayor a request for a meeting to clarify their respective arguments.

Meeting at the school in Sant’Alessandro, the mayor of Castronno will not be there: “There are no conditions for a peaceful confrontation”

On the one hand, the municipal administration thus continues on the road to the closure of the Sant’Alessandro school, which is to be considered by the next municipal council as soon as the non-binding (and already requested) statements from the school council and the school office are acquired territorially. On the other hand, parents are continuing their awareness campaign to avoid the closure of Marconi Elementary School.

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