teachers await the ranking

The teachers from Abruzzo who are qualified for the tests in the ordinary competition for cdc A022 are awaiting the publication of the merit ranking. Complaint to the regional school office.

Teachers await the publication of the ranking and condemn differences in treatment compared to other regions, such as Puglia, where such publication has already taken place.

We publish in full the letter from the A022 Abruzzo Committee, illustrating the situation:

Eventually, exhausted at the end of this obstacle course, we waited with confidence for the publication of the ranking of profits: now done our duty, we only waited for our USR to perform its own while we monitored its website became part of our daily routine. Meanwhile, several rankings were published, including CDs that had completed the oral articles after our A022. Thus began the first telephone calls with more or less polite but never precise answers (it was, among other things, impossible to talk to the managers of the publications) as the days went by and the deadline of July 20 threatened more and more threatening. . In the end, in a corner of our insistence, the USR even blamed the delay for a failure on the part of the Commission, promptly rejected by those directly affected, who on 14 July confirmed through the President that they had submitted the documentation at. USR for some time.
It is noted that many USRs act in total autonomy, in an uncoordinated manner, without concrete indications from the central administration, thus establishing a discrimination between the candidates in the different regions. As for A022, e.g. USR Puglia, which had already published the ranking of merits before becoming aware of the error that the ministry has notified USR through a note prot. n. 26000 of 07/07/2022, has simply corrected the ranking without withdrawing it until the new entrant has performed the oral tests. The candidates, thus certified in their capacity as winners, will be able to dissolve the reserve by 20 July and be recruited in September.
Other USRs (Lazio, Liguria, Friuli-Venezia Giulia) have already convened the new recordings and even accept requests to pre-empt the oral tests, allowing them to be held well in advance of the canonical 20-day notice.
USR Abruzzo, on the other hand, has not yet published the merit ranking already sent by the Examination Commission for A022 (as confirmed by President Mirella Spinelli), but in the meantime it has not yet called for the additional sessions of the oral tests. To date, no call calendar has been published and the candidates who have passed the competitive tests have not received information on other reasons preventing the publication of the rankings, despite repeatedly urging the offices to ensure proper transparency. .
In short, today, Saturday 16 July, we, a small handful of teachers who have passed a selective competition like few others, are denied the opportunity to dissolve the reserve for access to the first GPS band and as if that were not enough , it could for several of us obscure the sacred right to be placed in the role in the next school year.
After all the sacrifices and obstacles have been overcome, is it too much to ask for a little respect and consideration? Apparently yes>.

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