RAISE, EU project to standardize data on OPC UA

Mitsubishi Electric has partnered with Italian start-up MYWAI to develop a European project to standardize information coming from the field based on OPC UA. This is the RAISE project, Robot As an Intelligent Service Ecosystem

Published July 15, 2022

“Providing Edge Intelligence for all” is the principle on which MYWAI’s activity is based, a start-up born in 2021 in Sestri Levante, in the province of Genoa, specializing in the subject convergence on the Edge Computer of Artificial Intelligence, Industrial IoT and Blockchain.

On the occasion of SPS Italia 2022, Mitsubishi Electric hosted MYWAI at its booth to present the first results of the innovative project RAISE (Robotics as an Intelligent Services Ecosystem)where a distributed ecosystem consisting of the MYWAI Edge AI solution, the Mitsubishi Electric robots and the Scada Iconics solution is orchestrated using OPC UA Robotics’ new open interoperability standard from the OPC Foundation. The project is done for European Trinity Robotics Consortiumwhich involves several EU partners, including Cecimo, the European Association of OEM Machine Tool Manufacturers.

As part of this project, MYWAI, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric, Yolo Insurtech And Neurotechnologya new ecosystem for Equipment as intelligent services. Initially aimed at the industrial robot market, however applies to any machine tool developed, the ecosystem uses new standards for interoperability semantics of machines and their digital twins (OPC UA Information Models by OPC Foundation), which is currently shared by a growing number of European machine tool suppliers and buyers with the aim of developing new architecture and service models for monitoring, maintenance, payment, insurance, certification and interaction of machines both in the real world and in the cyberphysical beginning productive Metaverse.

The project stems from the premise that today according to the model of business “as a service” reaffirmed its validity in markets such as media, services and mobility, which have recently undergone a radical digital transformation, servitization it is also about to involve the manufacturing sector.

“With MYWAI, we presented to SPS an example of predictable maintenance, with the ability to read data from a machine in real time on a certified standard, OPC UA. The next step is to create the same machine in a digital version to be able to perform all the necessary controls in a virtual environment “, explains Gianmichele Piciocco, Marketing Manager South EMEA Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation.” What made us collaboration with MYWAI it was his broad vision that had already been projected forward, towards a concept of ‘Equipment as a Service’, showing that it is a further step that is already feasible, supported and provides value ”.

“In the era of Digitization production data represents a strategic element: if companies do not manage the data on their machines with an open standard, these will be managed by the most advanced web information systems and by the major players in the cloud, including all business related to the sale of services on the machines in the real world and in the future in the metaverse. In this trend of interoperability between machinery and new services, Italy is still quite lagging behind other countries and this delay needs to be recovered quickly. The RAISE project is designed with this in mind, ”he explains Fabrizio CardinaliCEO of MYWAI.

MYWAI ™ SRL (www.myw.ai) was founded in March 2021 with headquarters in Genoa and in the beautiful Baia del Silenzio in Sestri Levante, the eastern Ligurian Riviera between Portofino and Cinqueterre, and is one of the fastest growing AI startups in Italy with a solution for predictable maintenance, quality control and servicing of Industry 4.0 machinery developed under proprietary patent and which integrates innovative solutions for artificial intelligence on neuromorphic chips and Industrial Edge computers.

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