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Outdoor cinema returns to Narni. From 1 to 6 August 2022, the City of the Ring will host the 28th edition of ‘Narni. Le vie del cinema ‘, the restored film festival, directed by Giuliano Montaldo and Alberto Crespi and organized on the initiative of the municipality of Narni in collaboration with the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Cineteca Nazionale Foundation and the International School of Comics in Rome. This edition will also feature a rich selection of recently renewed films shown every night from 6 p.m. 21.00 on the big screen in the public park ‘Bruno Donatelli’. There is free admission.

Cinema for the little ones Restored cinema is art, science, history, memory and again this year Narni will synthesize these disciplines by offering the public restored classics from Italian cinema. A way to keep alive the memory of an art, the cinematic, that has made Italy a model for all the world’s cinemas. In anticipation of the program for this edition, ‘Le vie del cinema’ announces the titles of the festival dedicated to children. As for several years now, a parallel exhibition of cartoons on the big screen will be proposed every evening from kl. 21.00 in a side wing of the public park “Donatelli”. Shown from August 1: Investigator Basil by Ron Clements, John Musker, David Michener and Burny Mattinson; Don Bluth’s Fievel is coming to America; Don Paul and Eric Bergeron’s Road to Eldorado; Don Bluth’s Brisby and Nimh’s Secret; Totò Sapore and the Magic Story of Maurizio Forestieri’s Pizza; A Bug’s Life – Megaminimondo by John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton (co-director). Prior to the screenings, there will be laboratory activities, stories and readings.

International School of Comics From this year, the collaboration between the International School of Comics in Rome and the review ‘Le Vie del Cinema’ will start. The International School of Comics, the industry leader in graphic and visual arts training, offers its students and students training activities each year that provide the opportunity to relate to projects for external clients. For boys and girls, it is important experiences of personal and professional growth that the school places special emphasis on. With this goal, the idea of ​​collaborating with ‘Le Vie del Cinema’ was born, an event that since 1995 has sought to improve cinema and increase public awareness of the films that have created the history of Italian cinema, proposed in a restored version. The involvement in this project concerned the third-year classes of the Illustration and Graphic Design courses, which, under the coordination of the responsible teachers Sandro Mattioli and Franco Marconi, prepared the communication strategy of the event. The boys and girls worked together to create the exhibition’s new graphic design and produced a range of related materials that will be used to promote the event and enrich its visual layout. The final result includes a series of original illustrations, from the artistic adaptations of the posters for the 6 films in the program to the portraits of the directors and the director, which will be exhibited at the venue, and coordinated graphic material, created for effective and effective communication. The works produced by the comics school’s students will also flow into the official catalog of ‘Le Vie del Cinema’, which is proposed annually to document the event.

Tribute to Bonifacio Pontonio This year’s review pays tribute to Boniacio Pontonio. Boni, for the many friends and admirers of his works as a visual artist and graphic designer, was born in 1948 in San Marco in Lamis, in the province of Foggia – explain the group -. He leaves Puglia early and indulges in a natural urge for research and a curious spirit that has never left him and which he passes on to generations of new visual communication professionals. He debuted in the world of comics in the late 60s with Supergulp and Play Comix, shoulder to shoulder with Franco Bonvicini (Bonvi) and Guido De Maria. In 1979, he drew Il Giornale del Sud, the first color newspaper in Italy, directed by Giuseppe Fava. Later, he devoted himself exclusively to graphic design and the design of visual identity systems for large companies and institutions. One of the most important professionals in this field, he lives and works in Milan, Paris and Rome. He is trusted by companies and organizations such as the press agency Ansa (whose image he created and edited for three decades), Eni, Confindustria, Alitalia, Rai, Engineering, Paysages Possibles. His passion for film and his interest in social communication led him to Narni, where since 1999 he has designed the image of ‘Le vie del cinema’ for the municipality, a review of the restored film directed by Giuliano Montaldo and Alberto Crespi. His didactic activity is intense in higher education centers such as IED / European Institute of Design, Enrico Cogno Communication Studies Center, Faculty of Architecture at La Sapienza University. For years, he photographed streets, suburbs, buses and subways, books and bookstores, monitors, mismatched shoes and objects brought from the sea. Boni is an artist of visual communication, engaged between intuition and design, measurement and experimentation, humanity and nature. For him, photography is also a critical eye and social commitment. In 2020, he moves with all his visual history to Narni, the place he loves and welcomes him with love. He died in Perugia on February 26, 2022 ».

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