how will our students be able to sit at their desks in September?

In September, with the opening of the schools, there is a risk of a new wave of the pandemic given the current situation with the spread of Covid in the Omicron 5 variant, which despite the scorching heat does not provide respite like the previous variants in the summer ‘ 20 and ’21. President Vincenzo De Luca already states that with these data in Campania (today the black jersey for the number of positive) it will be necessary to resort to DAD.

Based on what was collected, the guidelines for cleaning and disinfection devices would come, albeit a few months late, to ensure minimum air quality standards in school classes and on the technical characteristics of mobile devices, sanitation of the area and fixed ventilation.
This is a highly anticipated provision, which will be launched by the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, and which relates to the current epidemiological framework and knowledge of the dynamics of airborne viral infections. As soon as possible, local authorities and school administrators must have information on how the infection via aerosol from Covid-19 works and which systems are to be installed.

For the normal programming of ordinary and exceptional maintenance interventions, in particular for safety and compliance with maintenance and / or obtaining certifications of viability, today due to the unresolved pandemic, the installation should be implemented in schools in the classrooms of mechanical ventilation systems, to do this, in addition to an intervention from the region with its own resources to be allocated to provinces and municipalities, (for example, the Marche region has provided and made operational a financing with its own resources), but also to use the money made available by the PNRR calls that Salerno Municipality has waived on the presentation of financing projects for adaptation in terms of security.

It is no longer possible to see children in school with masks and coats, they need ventilation systems.

The didactic activities ended on June 8, exams and related obligations in the schools under the jurisdiction of the municipal administration (kindergartens, primary and secondary schools) ended on June 30, the follow-up application that comes is: How much has been done or in it least planned in order to allow the execution of the works during the closing period of the schools, and the usability of the structures again on 1 September? In September, schools must be ready, excuses are no longer allowed.

In the light of what has been learned from the latest executive orders on school transport, to which there is no longer free access, and on the school canteen for whose service, even significant increases are foreseen for the weakest income classes, all with the i.a. justification that the management of the school system due to the increased financial burden on the Municipal Administration is no longer sustainable in its entirety and justifies everything by reporting that with the decision of GC n. 196 of 16.06.2022, Salerno municipality’s accession to ” Measures for the financial rebalancing of provinces, cities and provincial capitals and cities as well as for the operation of the Technical Commission for Standard Requirements “, arranged by the Central Government by Legislative Decree of 17 May 2022, n. 50 (as if to say:” dolls there is not a lira “), one asks oneself, and we are talking about the compulsory school, that in the future the pupils’ parents will be forced to pay a fee for maintenance. ordinary and extraordinary for school buildings, a bit like when schools for autonomy and without cash in hand asked for toilet paper.

We are waiting to see how in September, in our Campania region, schools start on the 13th, normal educational programming will resume.

Antonio Puorro – Mayor of the Fratelli d’Italia Salerno school sector says so

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