How to hide a pool above ground

How to hide a pool above ground

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In most cases, owning a swimming pool is the achievement of a long-term goal, and sometimes a real dream come true. Today, however, a swimming pool is not always and only synonymous with luxury, thanks to the cheaper above-ground pools; a solution that makes swimming pools much more affordable and easier to install.

However, it may happen that our much-desired above-ground pool does not harmonize perfectly with the environment that surrounds it, that is, our garden and its components, resulting in a not very homogeneous whole. But do not panic, in this article we will see how disguise an above-ground pool to make it more beautiful and more in line with the exterior decoration of the house.

  • Camouflage an above-ground pool with wood

Adding exterior cladding can be a great way to hide an above ground pool. In fact, some pools of this type have support beams and a gray outer fabric, which in most cases goes pretty badly to the green of a garden. So an interesting solution might be that use a wooden liner to hide the outer structure of the poolto make it more compatible with the natural environment of your garden.

  • Decorate the surroundings by the pool

Another very effective way to hide an above-ground pool and not make it stand out in a negative way is to just decorate the surroundings, possibly with elements reminiscent of its style. And then you can combine business with pleasure. Addition to the area near the pool, look for a sun lounger, an umbrella and a table, you can turn it into an area dedicated to 360 ° relaxation, and you can keep an eye on the kids as they play without sacrificing comfort. And online, there is certainly no shortage of places where you can buy outdoor furniture in the most diverse styles and at really interesting prices.

A very recent example is Concept-ua French site specializing in quality furniture at an affordable price and landed a few months ago also in Italy, where it has already achieved significant success among consumers.

Among the products it offers, there is also a remarkable hammock with support, available in various models and ideal for sunbathing and relaxing by the pool.

Stones are always a decorative element with great effect in the garden, especially when combined with a water source, as in this case the swimming pool. There are garden stones and pebbles in different sizes and colors that allow you to do it let your imagination run freefor example, by making drawings or mosaics around the pool.

The price of this solution, depending on the type of stone or pebbles you choose, can be quite high, so our advice is to start with a small sample to see if you like the final performance. In that case, you can continue with the whole area, otherwise you have at least not spent much.

If you want to give a colorful touch to the surroundings of the pool, there is nothing better than abounding in flowering plants. For example, you can arrange pots of roses, geraniums, petunias or other flowers you prefer (as long as they have a long summer bloom) around the pool or at least on the front. Your above-ground pool will immediately look more cheerful and lively.

If you are lucky enough to have a lot of space around your pool, it may be interesting to add flowering trees like jasmine or fruit trees like cherry or pear, to get both beautiful fruit that participates in the beauty of the place with its colors, the natural hue, which will definitely be appreciated during the hot summer days. Or to give your garden a tropical holiday vibe, you can add small palm trees.

However, if trees and plants around your pool definitely enhance its beauty, you should know that they are often a source of dirt to the water due to the fall of leaves and insects. So if you want the pool always clean and ready to use, you should definitely have a towel to cover it for when you are not using it.

The lawn gives freshness and color to the garden, and if it once meant a lot of work to sow it and make it grow, today there are much easier solutions. Just buy some grassy strips to place as you likeor even focus on synthetic lawn if you are only looking for the ultimate effect without having to mow and water it.

Wood flooring an area near the pool, perhaps slightly raised, can be very useful both to get the most out of it and to camouflage the pool above ground. The paved area does not have to be large, about ten square meters is enough so you can move calmly and place the deck chair, umbrella and everything you need.

We hope to have offered you some useful ideas to make your above ground pool even more beautiful and inviting.

Author: Andrea Dicanto

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