COVID staff, Pacific (Anief): We had asked for stabilization in 200 thousand places, now it is disappearing. 15 students per. class if schools are not to be closed [INTERVISTA]

Uncertainty about returning to teaching in September. The parenthesis of the extra staff teachers and ATA Covid, the staff hired to meet the needs of the schools during the pandemic, also appear to be set aside. “Covid staff” Marcello Pacifico, president of Anief told Orizzonte Scuola, should be a “buffer measure to cope with the first year after the outbreak of the pandemic” and then move on to stabilization.

Infections increase as we move toward the start of a new school year. In your opinion, is the main problem the lack of sufficient space?

Yes, the first problem is the lack of adequate places, which is linked to a lack of political will to revise the staff and the rules on school size. With the previous government, we had agreed an obligation to revise the rules on sizing and thus the number of classes and staff. This initial commitment had resulted in the additional staff, 80 thousand more places for teachers and ATA. This commitment has been gradually disregarded: Covid staff have been halved, 50% face-to-face training has been chosen, everything has been focused on vaccines, but virologists today, with this new variant, agree that the campaign vaccination does not can do little to prevent infections, even if it protects against serious effects of the disease.
If the infection basket (for the first time there is a high number of infected in the summer) remains high, we will not see a normal opening of the school year again, in some cases there will be no possibility of reopening schools.

So I do not have to mask yes or no, but it is necessary to focus on the number of classrooms and students per. class and staff?

In the first year of the pandemic, 3,000 classes were added, schools were equipped with additional staff, but the criteria for school size had not been revised. The conditions remain the same. In fact, the extra staff has even disappeared.

In fact, Deputy Secretary Sasso stated that the Covid staff were associated with the state of emergency. These additional places will most likely not be confirmed next school year

The Covid staff was an extraordinary response to what the government intended to do in the following years and which it then did not. Today, the minister says that almost all chicken farm classes have a maximum of 23 students. Given that this is not the reality in schools, but at the time of Covid you need to have 15 because it is an enclosed space, and if we want to avoid the spread of the virus in enclosed spaces, we must respect the rules. It is not as it is called a school that Covid deviates from the rules. Under these conditions, schools close immediately.
The government’s big mistake was that without a security protocol and without an agreement with the social partners, the school could be reopened. At the end of the state of emergency, the government presented a text identical to the one from August, which Anief had not signed and which no one has signed. In fact, the schools remained open with a simple ministerial remark. This means that the government has taken responsibility for spreading infections, also for those infected at school.
There has even been a decline in the size of the school, for example with the reform of the NRP. School is always the place to save.

Anief had called for a stabilization of the Covid workforce, and so what?

In the initial project, with Minister Azzolina, Covid staff were asked as a buffer measure to face the first year after the outbreak of the pandemic and 50% tuition, precisely because our classrooms are not sufficient as space. This should be a transitional phase to then stabilize the additional staff. Anief had asked for 200,000, not 80,000, that is the seats cut by the Gelmini reform in 2008. From 80,000 it was reduced to 40,000 with all the joke about the confirmation of the ATA employees first in March and then in June. I say a joke because it’s ridiculous compared to such big problems: the money is not that there is no you do not want to deposit, and then we have to go to haggle in Parliament about an amendment that goes to provide security to the workers and families.

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