car sales, both new and used, collapsed

FRIULI – Car market in the first half of this year. The sale of cars in Friuli Venezia Giulia in the period January-June they decreased by almost thirty percentage points compared to the same period the year before. Almost a bang on the market of the four wheels also due to the manufacturers’ difficulty in finding semiconductors and Raw material. Not to mention that especially after the outbreak of war after the invasion of Ukraine the price of steel has more than tripled. The acceleration of the transition to the electric car is also due to the downturn in the market: the revolution predicted in twelve years risks bringing strong turbulence to the market. The slowdown in manufacturers has, of course, led to lower sales: even if there is a parallel decline in demand of consumers. The decline was sharper in the first part of the year: From January to April, car sales and registration in the region were also over 30 percent less than in the same period the year before.

The scrapping incentives that came into force in May have alleviated a very difficult situation a little: In May and June, a little more was registered than in the first four months. But overall, the decline in enrollments in Fvg for the entire semester marked an average of -28 per cent. With small differences between regional territorial areas: the the worst data were recorded in Trieste with -30.96 per cent. Udine follows with -28.44 per cent. The data on records of Pordenone (-26.13 percent) and Gorizia (the province that lost the least by -24.60 percent) is slightly better. A slight recovery has been recorded in the last two months thanks to scrapping bonus. But as for traditional heat-powered cars, they ended already a few weeks ago (since the funding budgeted by the government to promote sales has been exhausted). However, they remain valid for part of the hybrid cars and part of the electric ones. “We are in a very complex and complicated phase – as explained by Giorgio Sina, president of the automotive sector of the Confcommercio Friuli Venezia Giulia – of the car market. A situation that followed the pandemic and which began before the outbreak of war in Ukraine. But precisely with the war, it has gradually worsened in recent months. The difficulties have begun – he adds Giorgio Sina for almost a year with difficulties on the part of manufacturers in finding electronic cards and with the sharp rise in all raw materials, especially steel. The decline in production and the problems with logistics and international transport have greatly slowed down supplies ». Less is produced and less is sold. But there is also a decline in consumer demand. And then the second serious problem is related to delivery times, which have inevitably become much longer. Buying certain types of cars – unless they are models available at dealers with the option of immediate delivery – means wait even four to six months.

The market ofUsed is affected by sharp decline in new registrations. “It is clear – explains the representative of the Confcommercio Fvg dealers – that if I do not sell new cars, I can not collect used cars”. It’s a bit like the dog chasing its own tail. On the used front, the unprecedented and abnormal situation that the car market is experiencing leads to an increase in the value of the little used that exists. As for saying: also considering the extension of the delivery times on the new one, the used one that is available is sold at a higher price, which gives some larger margins.

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