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Entry into the ordinary role as 2022/23 will be followed by recruitment through a “Fast Call”, as after the suspension provided in the academic year. 2021/22, it has been implemented once again.

Employment order

Recruitments for the academic year 2022/23 will take place in the following order and in accordance with the procedures set out below:

  1. ordinary entry into the role of GaE and GM;
  2. entry into the role throughout Speed ​​dial;
  3. employment extraordinary using GPS first tape.

Speed ​​dial

As mentioned above and as confirmed by the draft text of the Operational Instructions for the Recruitment of Teachers as 2022/23, the procedure called “Quick Call” returns after it has been suspended for the academic year. 2021/22.

The aforementioned “by call” procedure, regulated by Ministerial Decree No. 25/2020, allows for permanent employment in areas other than those relating to the relative rankings (GaE and GM), after the ordinary entry into the role (those mentioned in point 1 of the previous paragraph).

Who it is about and for what purposes

The procedure under consideration these are candidates who are included in the ranking until exhaustion and in the competition’s merit rankings, for the purpose of employing a role in a region / province other than that relating to the same rankingin particular:

  • in another region for aspirants included in GMs;
  • in another province or region for applicants included in GaE (the latter may actually participate in the procedure in a region other than that of the province for admission to GaE or in another province in the same region where the province for admission to GaE). However, the aspirants included in the first volume of GaE in two provinces choose only one region.


The recruitment of the aforementioned teachers is carried out on the vacancies and vacancies, at the end of the ordinary posts in the role of GaE and GM. This is to reduce the number of time-limited contracts that we read in Legislative Decree No. 126/2019, amended to Act No. 159/2019, which provided for the same procedure.


Application for participation in the procedure:

  • it can be presented by aspirants who were not recipients of permanent employment proposals for the academic year reference, that is, for the academic year 2022/23;
  • can be presentedfor each ranking of origin or inclusion (GaE and / or GM), for positions in one or more provinces in a single region;
  • it can not be presented of permanent teachers and aspirants who, for the academic year 2022/23, have already been recipients of proposals for employment in the role (whether they have accepted it or not).

In the application to be submitted via online bodies, each interested applicant (the application is optional) must state:

  • the region for participation;
  • the province or provinces of destination, exclusively within the selected region;
  • the competition classes / type of place of interest and the relative rankings that constitute access to the call procedure;
  • in the case of more than one destination province (indicated in the application), the order of preference among them and, for each province, the order of preference among the competition classes / type of place in which you participate; in the case of a single destination province, only the order of preference among the competition classes / type of place in which you participate;
  • the region / province of origin and the USR responsible for the competition procedure in the event that the territorial aggregation of the competition (s) for participation has been arranged.

As for preferences, priorities and the score held by each candidate, these should not be indicated in the application as they are already registered in the information system and stored in the application database.

Procedure timing

The time for the procedure is set by MI in the technical annexes to the executive order on the quota for permanent employment of teachers and pedagogical staff, which we read in Article 1, para. 2, in Ministerial Executive Order no. 25/2020.

A deadline of 5 days is provided from the opening date of the application submission functions (a specific notification is awaited in this regard).

Timing of employment

Appointments must be made by the competent USRs by 10 September 2023 with legal effect from 1 September.

Recruitment methods

Appointments are performed as follows:

The USRs publish the lists of graduates based on scores, preferences and priorities that each of them has in their respective rankings of origin (for example, if I have 100 in the GaE in which I am included points, I will be educated with the same score on the former lists; the latter are of course different for GaE and GM);

2. the appointments have been made taking into account the 50% distribution between GM and GaE; any unequal place is allocated to the GMs;

3. When hiring GM, the following order is observed:

  • rankings of public competitions, by qualifications and examinations, in chronological order of the relative calls (GM 2016 and 2020 ordinary competitions pre-school, primary and secondary school)
  • ranking of selective reserved competitions, based on qualifications and exams, in chronological order of the relative calls (GM extraordinary competitions 2018 kindergarten, primary and secondary school; GM extraordinary competition 2020)
  • placements of non-selective reserved contests in chronological order of the relative calls

4. In the event that the lists mentioned in point 1 above do not contain a sufficient number of candidates from GaE to fill the relative posts, they will be placed on the list by subtracting from the other rankings (from GM) and vice versa. .

We point out that:

  • applicants employed through the procedure in question or who renounce the recruitment proposal, expire exclusively per other procedures calls (therefore only from Speed ​​dial);
  • in case of waiver, restoration of procedures already completed but scrolling through the positions from the respective lists.

Restrictions and owner seat

To the applicants placed on the role of the procedure in question Article 13/3 of Legislative Decree No. 59/2017as amended by Legislative Decree No. 73/2021, amended to Act No. 106/2021 [articolo 58, comma 2-lettera f)], on the basis of which the same (applicants) are required to remain in the same school where they take the examination year, in the same type of place and class in the competition for at least another two years (three in total: 1 for the examination year + 2 more). Teachers who are in situations of overtime or dismissal or persons with severe disabilities, or who help a child or a spouse or a relative or the like within the 3rd degree with a severe disability, are not covered by the aforementioned three-year restriction.

The aforementioned Article 13/3 of Legislative Decree 59/2017 was subsequently further amended by Art. 19, para. 3-sexies, Legislative Decree No. 4/2022, amended to Act No. 25/2022, after which the aforementioned teachers may in any case submit an application for a provincial temporary position and accept temporary positions in accordance with art. 36 and CCNL 2007.

Finally, we emphasize that in the light of the provisions of the CCNI on mobility 2022/25, teachers employed on a permanent basis during the school years 2021/22, 2022/23, 2023/24 may apply for voluntary mobility to acquire the registered office;; if they do not present it, they will stay in the recruitment school. Therefore, for those placed in the role in the academic year 2022/23, the three-year bond:

  • starts from the school year 2023/24if they submit an application for voluntary mobility in order to acquire the registered office and are satisfied with one of the expressed preferences;
  • starts from the school year 2022/23if they do not submit the aforementioned application, remain in the recruitment school (as of 2022/23);
  • starts from the school year 2022/23if they submit the aforementioned application but are not satisfied with any of the expressed preferences so that they remain in the employment / ownership school.


Candidates hired through the procedure described above will be deleted after successful completion of the training and probationary period from any ranking intended to establish time-limited (GaE, GPS and GI) or permanent (GaE and GM) contracts, with the exception of the ranking of ordinary competitions, based on qualifications and examinations, of other procedures in which the candidate is admitted.

Entries in the role of teachers 2022: 94,130 appointments, ok by MEF. Here is the ranking: 22 thousand in Lombardy, 5 thousand in Campania

Posts in the role of teachers 2022: the procedure will be on online instances. GUIDE TO CHOOSE PROVINCE. USR messages

Registrations in the role of teachers 2022, from the 2016 to the 2020 competition, from the fast call to the GPS support: all the locations from which you can be hired

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