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In the case of vacancies and vacancies, the ordinary appointment to the role of 2022/23 will be followed by an extraordinary recruitment phase from the first GPS support bracket. Our frequently asked questions: from participation in the procedure to the time-limited contract, from the probationary period to confirmation in the role.



D. For the academic year 2022/23, an extraordinary recruitment phase is planned again? What is the legal reference?

A. Yes, also for the school year 2022/23, an extraordinary recruitment phase is envisaged in accordance with Article 5-ter of Legislative Decree No 228/2021, transformed into Law No 15/2022, which extended the procedure under Article 59/4 in Legislative Decree No. 73/2021, amended to Act No. 106/221.

D. What does the aforementioned legislation provide?

A. Legislation provides that in the event of residual support posts from the ordinary accessions to the role (from GaE and GM), the same will be awarded to applicants who are part of the first support group with fixed-term contracts.

Q. Are there no recruitments from GPS’s first band common place?

A. No, the extension of the provision mentioned in the aforementioned Legislative Decree 73/2021 relates only to support posts.

Quick call and appointment booking

Q. Will “Quick Call” take place? If the answer is yes, then will it precede the GPS assumptions?

A. “The Speed ​​Dial” has been suspended (by the aforementioned DL 73/2021) for only one school year, so it will take place for the posts in the role of 2022/23. After the quick call, if there are still vacancies left on the support, it will be possible to withdraw from the first band GPS.

Q. What is the order of employment?

  1. emissions from GaE (50%) and from GM (50%) [fase ordinaria immissioni in ruolo]
  2. Speed ​​dial
  3. extraordinary recruitment from GPS support first band


Q. What does it mean to be hired by the first band of GPS support? Is it a safe intake?

A. The procedure allows for temporary employment in the academic year 2022/23, where applicants complete the annual training and examination course, after which they take the disciplinary examination. Once the aforementioned path has been passed and the aforementioned test has been passed, applicants will be placed and confirmed in the role with legal effect from 1 September 2022 or, if later, from the date of commencement of the service.

Application for participation

D. How can I participate in the procedure?

A. To participate in the procedure, an application must be submitted via online agencies according to the timing that will be specified by MI.

Over the next few days, the role entry of the ordinary phase will take place (see USR dates and notices), then there is the quick call, then the hiring from GPS. We recommend that you constantly follow the messages from the relevant School Office.

Sp. Is the question the same as the question of the allocation of substitutes for 30/06 and 31/08 by GaE and GPS?

A. Yes, the question is the same. However, interested parties must complete the sections of the application relating to the extraordinary procedure in order to be placed in the role.

Q. For which province can the application be submitted?

R. The application can only be submitted for the province in which the first tape support GPS is included, ie. that selected or reconfirmed in the application submitted by May 31, 2022 (or in the 2020 application for those who have not submitted the 2022 application).

Time-limited hiring procedures

D. How is the assignment of the time-limited task?

A. The assignment is assigned by USR through an automated procedure according to the position in the rankings and in the order of the specified position types and the expressed preferences.

Q. Where are you employed?

A. Recruitment takes place in one of the schools indicated on time or part of the expressed synthetic preferences (municipalities and districts), located in the province for registration in GPS, the province to which the application is to be sent (as mentioned above ).

Acceptance of assignment

Q. How do you accept the assignment?

A. Acceptance of the assignment takes place “automatically”, in the sense that the transfer of one of the offices specified in the application implies acceptance of the same.

Waiver and participation in temps

D. Is it possible to waive the assigned task? If so, can you participate in the allocation of temps?

A. Yes, it is possible to waive the assigned task. It is also possible to participate in the allocation of deputies if the dispensation is sent to the territorially competent office within the conditions specified by the same (office).

Q. If some offices do not express themselves, what happens then?

A. If certain places have not been expressed, they shall be deemed to have waived the same places which have not been expressed. Therefore, if the candidate turns out to be in turn and only the unspoken positions are vacant, the same (candidate) will not achieve the task and will therefore not be able to participate in the procedure.

Failure to assign the task

Q. If the request is submitted and the assignment for the role is not processed, is it then possible to participate in the allocation of substitutes?

A. Yes, those who have not been assigned the role-oriented task will participate in the assignment of temps on 30/06 and 31/08 (it is understood that the relevant sections of the application must be completed).

Failure to submit application

Q. If no application is submitted to participate in the extraordinary procedure, is it still possible to participate in the allocation of substitutes from GaE and GPS on 30/06 and 31/08?

A. Yes, it is possible. Please note that the online application must in any case be submitted without filling in the sections in the same concerning the extraordinary procedure and filling in those relating to the allocation of temporary staff.

Trial year

Sp. Does the probationary year take place during the performance of the time-limited service?

A. Yes, the aspirants who will achieve the assignment aimed at the role will complete the annual basic training and examination course referred to in Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 59/2017, during the academic year 2022/23.

Q. What happens if you do not pass the probationary year?

A. If you do not pass the annual basic education and test course, you cannot take the disciplinary test. The aspirant must repeat the aforementioned path (this can only be done once).

Q. Can the trial year be postponed?

A. Yes, it can be postponed for legitimate legal reasons.

Disciplinary evidence

D. After passing the annual undergraduate and graduate courses, have you already taken on the role?

A. No, you must first pass the disciplinary test.

D. What does the disciplinary test consist of?

A. The test consists of an interview which, for teachers in pre-school and primary school, relates to the programs mentioned in point A.4 of Annex A to Ministerial Decree no. 325/2021 and for upper secondary school teachers in the educations mentioned in point A.2.1 in Annex A to Ministerial Order No. 326/2021.

D. How do you pass the test? Is there a minimum score limit?

A. No, attribution of numerical evaluations is not foreseen. The test consists of those who obtain a suitability assessment.

Q. Can those who obtain a suitability rating repeat the test?

A. No, the person who does not pass the disciplinary test loses the procedure, ie he / she will not be able to be hired.

D. In case of forfeiture of the procedure, the service performed in the academic year 2022/23 is evaluated?

A. The benefit is assessed in the case in question as a time-limited task.

D. When should the disciplinary test take place?

A. The test must be completed by July 31, 2023.

D. For whom is the disciplinary test taken?

A. The test is held for a commission headed by a university professor or a technical leader or a school leader and consists of two teachers.

Registrations and confirmation in the role

Q. When was the role placed?

A. Entry into the role and the relative confirmation takes place after passing the annual training and test course and the suitability interview.

Q. Where will you be confirmed in the role?

A. Admission and confirmation of the role will take place at the same school where the time-limited service was provided during the academic year. 2022/23.

NB: what is written is based on the draft DM, which must govern the procedure so that it can be subject to changes, which we will report immediately.

DRAFT to the decree

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