The orange flag villages for children

The orange flag villages are the municipalities that stand out for their hospitality of quality and expertise. Here are the best for kids

Orange flag villages

Unique experiences in orange flag villages with children. With August just around the corner, the Italian touring club has launched the # EstateNeiBorghi campaign aimed at bringing together and promoting the best travel experiences, in the authenticity, well-being and discovery of territories and “treasures” that are still little known.

Touring Club’s invitation is off travel without haste“, an invitation especially suitable for families. The idea is to take the time to get into the rhythms of these places, stop at the squares, go into recreational clubs, listen to the talk in the bars, look beyond the triangular views.

On the dedicated page it is possible to find a schedule with over 100 events and various activities that will animate our entire peninsula throughout the summer: outdoor concerts in suggestive landscapes, country parties, excursions, outdoor activities, musical performances, shows, discovery of gastronomic excellence, literary festivals are just some of the suggestions for this summer.

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The orange flag villages to visit with children

Ledro (TN)

Anyone know Lake Carezza or Braies? Be amazed at less mentioned places, but jewels to be discovered. One of them Ledroa corner of paradise immersed in a naturalistic context of great beauty, on the shores of the lake of the same name, one of the cleanest and most natural lakes in Trentino, preserving clear water that reflects the green hues of meadows and forests.

In Ledro you can rejoice different water sports such as canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding (a mixture of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing, which consists of being pulled over the water with a board by a system similar to a ski lift).

That green mountains around the lake offer trekking or simple trails family hikesalso take place by bike around the lake or on bike paths, or mountain bike trails on forest roads, trails and old mule trails suitable for all levels.

In Molina di Ledro in 1929, it was brought to light again a pile-dwelling village from the Bronze Age: on the shores of the lake an example has been reconstructed, one of the best preserved in the Alps.

Then there is the Stilt Museum, which exhibits objects from everyday life 4000 years ago. Ledro Land Art is a suggestive outdoor gallery featuring art in the woods, an artistic itinerary ideal for families winding through the pine forest of Pur.

Molveno (TN)

Known as a winter destination for families, it is also perfect for summer. Molveno, in the province of Trento, is located in the Paganella area and has always been considered a municipality whose priority is entertainment for the whole family, a real location family welcome. Many walks to discover the nature and animals of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park.

Gromo (BG)

TO Gromo that Park hung in the woods gives the whole family the opportunity to experience nature in an adventurous way. The old bell-making tradition is also very noticeable. In the summer it is there Campaign Days: Saturday, July 23 and Saturday, August 13, 2022 it will be possible to try this experience on your own.

Limone Piemonte (CN)

TO Piedmont lemon, on the border with France, in the maritime alps, the mountains can be discovered from an early age.

The municipality arranges free hiking for children and teenagers from 5 years and up with nature and cycling tour guides recognized by the Piedmont region. During the walk, educational activities are arranged.

The next tours are arranged on Saturday 10 September and 2 October with reservations.

There are also more travel planswith various difficulties, all to be discovered.

Bagno di Romagna (FC)

We’re in the Savio Valley. Water is the master, the hot water of the springs, the matrix of Bagno di Romagna. Finds of Roman origin explain how the springs now included in various wellness centers were already frequented during that period. On the main square you can see the basilica of S. Maria Assunta, with traces of its Romanesque structure. The Florentine influence is evident in monuments such as the Palazzo del Capitano, built in the 14th century, today a cultural center, and in the palaces of the local nobility.

Remarkable is Lama forest, an integral part of the Campigna National Park, the Falterona and Casentinesi forests. Discovering nature and its beauties is one of the reasons to visit this city and its territory.

There are many opportunities for discovery, trails and opportunities for outdoor activities to stay in shape or relax. For families with young children, do not miss The path of the gnomesin, to browse and be amazed in the middle of nature: a path in the woods a few steps from the center dedicated to observing amazing creatures in the area. Several activities are usually arranged for the little ones: treasure hunt for elves, pixie picnic, sensory trail, art workshops and the “magic forest”, which returns after two years, from 5 to 28 August: every night Path of the Gnomes “lights up “gives magic to young and old!

Gradara (PU)

For centuries, the beautiful Rocca di Gradara has been under the rule of the Malatesta, Sforza and Della Rovere families and a memorable scene for the love story of Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Rimini, immortalized by the verses of Canto V by Dante’s Inferno.

In Gradara, medieval history, love and play meet.

There are two walls:

  1. the outer wall, characterized by towers and square towers, gives a strong scenographic impact on the visitor and is still practical today;
  2. the intermediate wall separates the village from Rocca.

Around the castle is there Walk of Lovers or the paths to Bosco di Paolo and Francesca surrounding the hill from which you can admire the rural landscape of the Pesaro area, where cultivated fields and the typical vegetation of Mediterranean scrub blend thanks to a spectacular glimpse of the sea.

On 7-8-9 August there is “Magic Castle Gradara” for families with children: games, entertainment and shows will transform Gradara into pure magic.

Biccari (FG)

The village of Biccari has a typical historic center starting from Piazza Matteotti with the monumental fountain, within which you can see the Civic Tower, the cathedral and a dense network of lively alleys and squares filled with different types of activities. A few kilometers from the town there is the naturalistic area, the great attraction Biccari, rich in forest and adorned by Lake Pescara, an ideal destination for nature lovers and families with children. To visit:

  • the largest Adventure Park in the region,
  • the didactic forest,
  • Frassati Stone,
  • the village with wooden houses (Bed & Three)
  • and alternative accommodations such as Bubble Room and Atom, to sleep in the woods and / or in the trees,
  • the giant bench with the highest vantage point on the Capitanata.

San Severino Lucano (PZ)

In the province of Potenza, in the heart of Pollino National Park, we find San Severino Lucano. It is the “land of the stars”, due to the absence of smog and light pollution.

Not to be missed, the sanctuary of Madonna del Pollino, on a cliff at 1573 m from which you can enjoy a beautiful view.

It can be reached on foot and by car, and it can be visited from early June to mid-September when it “hosts” the statue of Madonna del Pollino.

In Bosco Magnano there is the Adventure Park, an ideal destination for the little ones. Special is “Rb Ride”, the slowest panoramic carousel in the world, made by the artist Carsten Höller and placed over a thousand meters high.

What are the villages with orange flags?

There Orange flag is the Italian hiking club’s quality brand for environmental tourism for small towns and villages in the Italian hinterland. They must have a maximum of 15,000 inhabitants and stand out for their excellent offer and quality of hospitality.

The idea was born in Liguria in Sassello in 1998 with the regional body’s need to promote and improve the hinterland.

How many orange flag villages are there in Italy?

For the three-year period 2021-2023 Orange flag awarded by the Italian touring club I’m 262.

That 11 last entries are:

  • Canelli (AT)
  • Castagnole delle Lanze (AT)
  • Revello (CN)
  • Rosignano Monferrato (AL)
  • Susa (TO)
  • Trisobbio (AL)
  • Badalucco (IM) e
  • Vallebona (IM)
  • Bridges on Mincio (MN)
  • Nocera Umbra (PG)
  • Subiaco (RM)

What are the criteria for becoming an orange flag?

There are over 250 parameters: the orange flags are ideal destinations for your summer vacation, but not onlyplaces that respond to the growing needs of tranquility, life in the open air, real food, a holiday dedicated to wellness and authenticity and they will win you over with their qualities and excellences.

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