The importance of school, from infancy to maturity

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The school welcomes and accompanies students in their growth and supports them in planning their future at all levels of education. Based on this assurance, Pius X Episcopal College works by proposing personalized study paths that are capable of strengthening each student’s talent, passions, and interests. The young people are thus at the center of a project that, through specific educational goals, provides an opportunity to modulate their personal and professional training.

Pius X’s new technical institute
Collegio Vescovile Pio X pursues the mission of opening up to students a meaningful experience, aimed at developing the feeling of truth, goodness and beauty, over a century of history, and Collegio Vescovile Pio X has prepared thousands of young people and given them the tools to integrate into the world, accept its challenges and become essential protagonists of local, national and international life, able to orient and choose in a rapidly changing context.

For the school year 2022-2023, Pius X continues the path of continuous development that has always distinguished him, by inaugurating the Technical Economics Institute with the administration, finance and marketing address, which, as pointed out by the Administrative Director, Paola Paladin, was the goal. to be “a response to family requests and to listen to the business world in the area”. An important novelty that is added to Pius X’s didactic paths, recognized by the Ministry of Education and formulated on three levels (linguistic, digital and creative) that vertically cross the different levels of education.

The richness of the linguistic plane
The language plan represents a unique opportunity to achieve a high level of knowledge of the English language without sacrificing the richness of the Italian school’s ministerial programs. The English Plus courses, from kindergarten to high school, allow you to optimally develop language skills thanks to the presence of qualified teachers.

In addition, thanks to Pio X International, students are offered the opportunity to attend a high school for four years, exclusively in the language and for the last two years to accessInternational Baccalaureate Diploma Program, an international diploma equivalent to an Italian high school. But also for exchanges, study trips and City map.

The innovation of the digital piano
The digital plan proposes an approach based on the application of new technologies, for a training in responsible and conscious use of IT tools and for the development of logical-mathematical, interdisciplinary and metacognitive skills.

The innovative didactic approach also goes through pedagogical robotics, coding and web and graphic design and is divided into Active @ sind (for 1st grade primary and secondary school) and in the science and applied subjects at Liceo Pio X, as well as in the choice of technical and digital subjects offered for Pio X International.

The importance of the creative plan
Finally, the creative plan works for the development of humanistic culture, sensitivity to the environment and artistic and musical skills. We are talking about a school that is able to use expressive and multimedia languages, such as theater, music, visual arts, creative writing, creative mathematics and multimedia, for a harmonious development of the person.

The offer is divided into paths MUSE of primary and lower secondary school, which finds their continuity in Liceo Pio X’s classical, modern linguistic, legal-economic linguistic and artistic-literary linguistic and also in the possibility of choosing an integrative artistic subject in the curriculum. of Pio X International.

The purpose of Pius X Episcopal College
The purpose of the College’s educational offer is to offer all students educational and didactic paths, so that everyone can enjoy the optimal conditions to be able to give the best out of themselves and achieve their goals.

A path that accompanies every girl and every boy in the creation of their own life project, following healthy values ​​and principles, acquired through a rich growth path dedicated to character development and the social sphere. For knowledge shaped by studies and experience, always pay attention to the person, the quality of teaching and the ability to keep up with innovation and new market demands.

The educational offer from the Bishop’s College Pius X
From kindergarten with program English Plusfrom Primary, up to First Grade Secondary and Superior, the college proposes a complete plan that takes particular care of moments of transition from one level of education to another.

The overall offer, in particular, in addition to the new ITC Administration, Finance, Marketing includes: Classical, scientific ordering, scientific of applied science, modern linguistic, legal-economic linguistic, artistic-literary linguistic. To which comes the proposal International with Cambridge IGCSE andInternational Baccalaureate Diploma Program, without forgetting IDMS – Diocesan Institute of Music.

Then there are many initiatives to support families with expertise from the sector. But also leisure projects, first aid classes, safety courses and for any new students orientation and test classes.

All with the support of state-of-the-art facilities and services including IWB, internet, defibrillators, physics, chemistry and biology laboratories, e-learning, robotics and music classrooms, gyms and outdoor sports area, central library and that of 1. Class Secondary School, the Auditorium and the Conference Room, the social gathering rooms, the Planetarium, the Canteen and the shuttle service to and from Montebelluna and Santa Maria del Rovere.

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