Summer and books, 12 suggestions for children from 4 to 14 years

Children and young people get ready! Here are 12 new adventures that you can enjoy under the umbrella. Intrigue, games, first loves, revelations, detectives … In short, a little of everything. Enjoy reading!

Books for 4-year-olds

Tina and the unmatched socks

by Tina Okay

Publisher: Terre di Mezzo

What to do when a sock disappears? Simple, Tina thinks, just go with unmatched socks. But will everyone take it well? Or will there be someone who will criticize her?

Long-legged father

by Nadine Brun-Cosme, Aurélie Guillerey

Publisher: Edizioni Clichy

If Dad’s car stops, what can you do? Nothing can stop a father, whether it’s riding a kite or driving a tractor.

father's long legs

Arturo and very busy people

by Nadine Brun-Cosme, Aurélie Guillerey

Publisher: Edizioni Clichy

Every day, Arturo has to hurry. But one morning Arturo finds himself alone in front of his cup of chocolate and can finally do things calmly, in fact his mother has forgotten him. How wonderful it is to do everything calmly!


Books for 5-year-olds

Mom, there’s a bear at the door!

by Sabine Lipan

Publisher: Terre di Mezzo

What does an 11th floor bear do in an urban building? Well, he took the bike, the bus, the elevator and went up there, where lives a child who, like him, loves honey biscuits and who will help him realize his dream.

bear at the door

Books for 7-year-olds

Sniffed by an officer. The Sgraffignoni family

by Anders Sparring

Publisher: Sinnos

Sbirro Sgraffignoni is the dog of the Sgraffignoni family. He is docile (lie!), Intelligent (not always), unique (sure). Klaus has recently arrived in town, a super cop who obsessed with checking dogs and receipts.


Books for 8-year-olds

Deadly fangs. Leo and the monster card

by Kris Humphrey

Publisher: Piemme

Everyone knows that the forest is dangerous and inaccessible, but the villagers are not aware of what is actually hiding among the old trees: monsters! It’s up to Leo to take care of them.

leo and the monsters

Books for 9-year-olds

Book rebels. The beach of secret readers

by Pierdomenico Baccalario, Luigi Spagnol

Publisher: Salani

Banalia is a very boring place and Pierluigi wonders why the parents have decided to go there to keep the only summer vacation they have available. Moreover, there is a really strange ban here: one cannot read books at all.


Books for 10-year-olds

Kalle Blomkvist, the great detective

by Astrid Lindgren

Publisher: Salani

Kalle Blomkvist wants to be a detective when she grows up and has all the qualifications to become one: super fine intuition, a trusted magnifying glass and an (empty) pipe always between her teeth. The latest jewelry theft is just the thing for you.

Books for 11-year-olds

The dinosaurs flying among us. A journey to discover the wings to be saved

by Francesco Barberini

Publisher: Salani

We have always believed that dinosaurs became extinct, but the truth is that they never disappeared from our planet. Through ingenious adaptation strategies, some of them survived and still fly over our heads today. A volume filled with compelling anecdotes and great discoveries.


Ground at Høgereden

by Alessandro Perissinotto

Publisher: Piemme

14-year-old Marcel is the promising goalkeeper for Saint-Denis, a small team from the suburbs of Paris. Then a completely unpredictable withdrawal shuffled the cards. The boys suspect that this is a conspiracy involving professors who have been invited to talk about the climate crisis and new energies.


Books for 12-year-olds

Love, sex and similar things

by Fiore Manni, Elena Peduzzi

Publisher: Rizzoli

Principal canceled sex education classes from the program! Right now where everyone at school seems crazy and no one knows how he wakes up tomorrow, what feelings he feels, what is the boundary between friendship and love. Thus, some friends come up with an ingenious idea: they secretly collect on students’ embarrassing doubts about questions about love, sex and the like, and with the help of professionals, they found a secret newspaper that aims to give to everyone (including those four of them) the answers they need.

love sex

Books for 14-year-olds

Black children. The spring that changed everything

by Christina Hammonds Reed

Publisher: Salani

Los Angeles, 1992. Ashley Bennet is seventeen and could not wish for more of life. One afternoon in April, four police officers are acquitted after brutally beating a black boy, and everything changes. Because that boy is Rodney King, and from that moment on, Ashley is no longer just a girl like many others, but a black girl.

black children

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