Solidarity, Florence’s heart for Ukrainian children, welcome to Innocenti

Florence, July 15, 2022 – This year’s special mission is support the reception project, care and integration of Ukrainian minors hosted by the Innocenti Institutewho arrived from Kiev to Florence in search of a new life. “The Heart of Florence” returns with the traditional charity dinner: the appointment takes place on piazza Santissima Annunziata that Next September 13th at 20.

The event, in its fifth edition, is realized thanks to the collaboration between Venerable Archconfraternity of Mercy of Florence, Montedomini, Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation and Istituto degli Innocenti: the four institutions that gave rise to the concept of solidarity come together to give life back to this year’s most important charity event.

The funds that will be raised during the 2022 edition of “Il Cuore di Firenze” will be donated to the Istituto degli Innocenti Ets Foundation which will support initiatives aimed at inclusion, education andscholastic, sporting e community of Ukrainian minors received by the Institute shortly after the outbreak of the war: they lived in a family home near the capital of Ukraine and were rescued from the bombs and transferred first to Warsaw, Poland, and then thanks to the association Save the kids and al Cir Italian Refugee Council in the Tuscan capital. Here they were welcomed to the Institute, which made specially equipped rooms available, albeit in an urgent context, service and everything necessary for the first reception.

“We are pleased to be able to involve the Florentines in this great solidarity project, which this year is aimed at children and teenagers. The 21 small Ukrainians who have been welcomed to the Institute since the end of March are a very united group that does not want to be divided, and we are committed to ensuring that this is the case, but to meet all the needs that are not alone. materials, but they must create the basis for real integration, we need everyone’s support, which we are sure will not be lacking even this time, he says Maria Grazia Giuffrida, President of the Istituto degli Innocenti.

The planned initiatives for the benefit of Ukrainian children and young people provide for inclusion and intercultural education (including through “tutors”, other peers already included in school courses, preferably university), support for school placement and educational activities (such as the purchase of books and teaching materials, activation of individualized training activities, language assistance), support for training and leisure activities, support for integrated medical and specialist care in the area, support for autonomy and empowerment (provide them with money in proportion to their management capacity for small daily expenses).

“We express all our gratitude to the Institute of the Innocent for the reception of Ukrainian children, as it has been able to perform with professionalism and dedication in a very complex phase. Save the Children has been present in Ukraine since 2014, we are active in the border areas and here in Italy, and therefore we have direct testimony to the suffering suffered by the victims of this conflict, as well as the small victims of all conflicts, and humanitarian crises in the world. the commitment of the institute, the city of Florence and the Tuscany region in inclusion indicates a path to be followed with courage and determination for all children, girls and families who are forced to flee from their own. Raffaela Milano from Save the Children.

“The operation, in which 21 children were rescued, was possible thanks to the great commitment of the Istituto degli Innocenti and all the institutions involved. But beyond the emergency, there is a road to be built that can guarantee protection for these children and integration, “Only in this way will they be able to restore their normal everyday lives. From this point of view, the support of all citizens and institutions will be fundamental,” he said. Roberto Zaccaria, President of the Italian Refugee Council.

“Il Cuore di Firenze” in previous editions has made it possible to donate defibrillators to schools, raise funds for the Institute of Innocenti Casa Bambini, buy machinery and medical equipment for the Tuscany Centro Sanitaria Center through the Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation for Coronavirus emergency, set in motion in the construction of “Montedomini Village”, where one can give the older people opportunities for independent living and comparison with the younger generations.

“The call of the Arch-Brotherhood in Piazza Duomo has always been to help and assist people in difficulty, in the full spirit of Christian charity. Being able to support them in need is always the main goal for us, and for this reason we are happy to support this year as well. The Heart of Florence “, he declares Nicolò D’Afflitto, Superintendent of the venerable Archconfraternity of Mercy in Florence.

“This event every year demonstrates the generosity of the Florentines and the united commitment of public and private realities in the city, for projects that are always different but equally important to society,” he says. Luigi Paccosi, President of Montedomini. “Last year, we raised funds for Montedomini Village, an innovative model in the network of assistance services for the elderly, in support of home care, prevention and assistance, where the first stone was recently laid.

“The heart of Florence is always close to those who need it most: this year the very young Ukrainians who fled the war and took refuge in the city. Florence has always been dedicated to hospitality and solidarity, and this time too it has shown it. In 2020, thanks to the project, the Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation was able to purchase equipment and devices to support hospitals in patient care and ward management during the Covid emergency, “he declares. Giancarlo Landini, President of the Santa Maria Nuova Foundation onlus.

“The Heart of Florence this year is close to Ukrainian children and young people who fled the war and were welcomed by the Istituto degli Innocenti Foundation – saysCouncilor for Welfare in Florence Sara Funaro -. Donating funds to support initiatives for inclusion, education and school, sports and training integration is a further demonstration of how hospitality and inclusion go hand in hand in our society. Our city has been at the forefront since the beginning of the conflict to guarantee the welcome and social inclusion of Ukrainian citizens, and solidarity initiatives like this go in this direction ”.

“The goal is not only to welcome Ukrainian children and provide them with food and accommodation in case of emergency, but to build projects for them on inclusion, protection and integration to ensure they can build their future,” he says. Claude Benassai is the creator and coordinator of the event. The heart of Florence has now become a tradition for the city, and again this year, the institutions and sponsors immediately took action to support the initiative. This year, too, we thank our partners who have guaranteed their indispensable support: Mariani Fratelli, Vangi, Conad, Peragnoli, Vivaio Guido Degl’Innocenti ”.

“Il Cuore di Firenze” has received full support from the institutions by granting its protection: Tuscany region, City of Florence, Municipality of Florence, The Archdiocese of Florence. During the evening presented by Stefano Baraglithat Master Roman Lyulkin will perform his pieces accompanied on the piano from Master Gianni Fabbrini. For info and reservations https: //

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