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This year, Apple may announce one of the biggest updates in the history of Apple Watch. In the coming months, the company can present the Apple Watch Series 8, an expected device that is rumored to stand out for its looks and new features related to health and sports, and which will also compete with the ever most interesting smartwatches from Samsung, Huawei and Google.

As every year, the company is expected to announce two variants of the Apple Watch Series 8, which will only differ in size. In addition, Apple could also announce a slightly more vitaminized version focused on those users who practice more extreme sports, or who are looking for a much more rugged device with a larger screen, as its box would also be larger than the Apple Watch series. . 8.

But what will this new watch look like, and what new health features will it include? And above all, what will be the prices of the different versions and their release date?

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Will the Apple Watch Series 8 come with a new design?

One of the most important news in the Apple Watch Series 8 could be its new look. The redesign of the company’s smartwatch is actually something that has been rumored for several months and was even expected to come with the Apple Watch Series 7, but it did not.

If the rumors are true, Apple may drop the case with slightly rounded edges to adopt completely flat frames. That is, with the same style as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. This would, on the one hand, allow the user to best match his watch with his iPhone. Above all, if we take into account that the colors of the Apple Watch usually coincide with those we see in the Cupertino company’s mobile phones.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 8, which adopted flat frames, would mean that its screen would also be completely flat. The current Apple Watch, we remember, has a slightly curved panel in the corners, which, while providing a slightly more eye-catching aesthetic, can lead to unwanted scratches on the glass.

The Apple Watch may have a larger screen

In 2021, Apple increased the screen size of the Apple Watch Series 7, from 1.78 inches in the case of the Series 6 to 1.9 inches for the 45mm variants, respectively. The increase in the panel also led to a small increase in the size of the box. This year, with the Apple Watch Series 8, we could see something similar.

According to analyst Ross Young, head of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Apple Watch Series 8 would increase the screen size compared to Series 7 by up to 5%. It then goes from 1,901 inches on the 45mm Apple Watch model to probably 1.99 inches on the larger Watch Series 8.

It’s unclear, yes, if this screen rise will also make the box a little bigger. Mainly because Apple, for example, could minimize the front frames or simply take advantage of the fact that the panel is not curved to increase its size; in both cases, making it possible to maintain the current dimensions. That is, 41 and 45 mm.

S8 chip and more battery?

It is rumored that the Apple Watch Series 8 could come with an S8 chip, which would hardly have any significant changes compared to the current SoC, which includes Series 7. Therefore, it is likely that both performance and energy efficiency will be largely identical with that of current models.

In terms of battery life, it is currently unknown whether the Apple Watch Series 8 will have longer autonomy than the Series 7 for, among other things, also an aspect where it can lead to a battery with larger capacity. In any case, the plan is to keep the same charging technology.

The Apple Watch Series 8, yes, could include a new save mode that would increase its duration thanks to the reduction in performance and probably the limitation of some of the device’s features.

The health and sports features that come with the Apple Watch Series 8

One of the reasons why the Apple Watch is the king of smart watches is because of its many health and sports options. This year, the company is expected to maintain the current Series 7 sensors, including the blood oxygen meter (SpO2), electrocardiogram and the rest of the sensors, which are capable of measuring stride, movement, sleep, etc.

To this we need to add a body temperature sensor, which allows us to know if the user wearing it has a fever. Interestingly, it will work a little differently than a thermometer. That is, we will not be able to measure our temperature whenever we want. Instead, the device will alert the user when it is at higher levels than usual.

The Apple Watch Series 8, on the other hand, could also measure the level of glucose in the blood, which would be integrated by the sensor to measure oxygen in the blood (SpO2). To do this, Apple would use an “electromagnetic wave (EM) transmitter of electronic devices”, which will replace current blood glucose meters.

Will it have a blood pressure sensor?

The Bloomberg sensor, which measures blood pressure in the artery, will not be ready to be included in the Apple Watch Series 8. Apple may instead add it to the models announced in 2024, Bloomberg reported. The aforementioned vehicle ensured that the delays were due to “problems” related to the accuracy of the sensor data. This also does not give as detailed results as other devices capable of measuring blood pressure do.

In fact, when you take a blood pressure test, two types of results appear. On the one hand the systolic readings, which indicate the blood pressure in the artery when the heart contracts. On the other hand, diastolic readings, which measure blood pressure when the heart is at rest between beats. The Apple Watch sensor, on the other hand, would only be able to issue a warning when the wearer has hypertension.

This year we could see an Apple Watch Series 8 Pro

In addition to the Apple Watch Series 8 in its two variants, we could also see an Apple Watch Series 8 Pro. This version would offer virtually the same features as the traditional Series 8. Addition instead of a more robust design; with a metal box and a larger screen. Earlier rumors also suggested that the device would have a “robust” aesthetic, as it is intended for users who practice extreme sports, such as climbing.

If we finally see this version, it will be the first time that the Cupertino company has included the surname “Pro” on an Apple Watch. Until now, keep in mind that only Macs, iPhones, iPads, and AirPods have this nomenclature.

Apple Watch Series 8: Possible release date

When will the Apple Watch Series 8 be announced? The launch is one of the biggest unknowns of this device as an exact date has not yet been revealed. It is expected, indeed, that the company will reveal all the details of this device – and the rest of its variants – during the month of September, as this is usually the date Apple has chosen to announce the new hardware. In fact, the announcement of the iPhone 14 is also expected in September.

If we place ourselves in this year’s calendar and take into account that the company usually holds its famous Keynotes on Tuesdays, we’ll probably see an official announcement on September 6th, 13th or 20th.

How much will the new Apple Watch cost?

The prices of the different versions of the Apple Watch Series 8 are also not known. Looking at the prices of the current models, it is likely that the 41mm version will cost around 430 euros, while the 45mm variant can go up to 460 euros. Now, if we take inflation and the many problems in the supply chain into account, it is likely that the company will increase the price of their respective models a bit this year. It would therefore not be strange to see the 41mm version for around 450 euros, and the larger variant reach 500 euros.

The Apple Watch Series 8 Pro is said to cost around $ 1,000.

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