On the night of the Oscars for children in Cinedu, the temples in Paestum light up. – Salerno Gazette

Energy explodes. The little creatives are holding their breath in the hope that there is also their own card among the nomination candidates for the area’s victory. SCHOOL MOVIESÙ PRICEthe most famous Oscar night for children. Two extraordinary evenings, in the shadow of the Temple of Neptune, which is the setting for the finale of the Children’s Film Festival. A riot of colors and emotions in the archeological park in Paestum. An enchanted world welcomed 3 thousand baby directors and actors, between fairy tales, fairies, magic hat maker, Snow White, enchanted apple trees, soap bubbles, waders, santimbanchi and baby dancing. A moment of joy and lightness, after the afternoon viewing of 150 shorts produced at the former tobacco dealer Capaccio Paestum.

And finally the most awaited moment, the final award ceremony, led by Enza Ruggierothe creator of School Movie Cinedù and then Rosaria Sicajournalist and presenter.

Among the audience are institutions, mayors, representatives of the province of Salerno and the Campania region, teachers and leaders of the 300 institutions involved in 60 municipalities, from all the provinces of Campania and from the new entrances to Basilicata and Calabria.

It was two amazing days, intense, full of energy, I am happy to share these ten years of feelings with all the children and students of Campania, Calabria and Basilicata. I am satisfied – emphasizes Enza Ruggiero – many friends have gone on stage, which I thank one by one for what they have brought to Skolefilm. Healthy energy and panache, cheerfulness, joy, carefree: we need it. So much training, but also a lot of fun. All this would be impossible without the professionalism of Nicola Surace, by my side for the last 8 years. I thank all the team who supported me in the organization with passion, enthusiasm and a lot of commitment. A special thank you to Tiziana D’Angelo, director of the park, for the hospitality and support for our event and of course the municipal administration of Capaccio Paestum led by Mayor Franco Alfieri, who has believed in it for the past 10 years.

Emotions“The theme is chosen for the tenth edition, to tell complex themes, from war to violence, to inclusion, to the restoration of ancient traditions, to the rediscovery of the most hidden places and historic villages.

Meanwhile, the Temple of Neptune lights up with the lights from mobile phones during the guest apps’ performances, from kl. Geolierto Tzunamito Lele Bladewhile the a cappella choirs start from the audience.

Many artists intervened to reward the little creatives: Alex Belli, Nancy Brilli, Pippo Pelo, Luca Abete, Alessandro Bolide, Gianni Parisi, Eduardo Tartaglia, Angelo Loia, Don Patrizio Coppola aka Father Joystik, Pierluigi Iorio, Anna Nisivoccia. Special price dedicated by McDonald’s for children’s creativity and the Cinedù Prize also for Luigi SnichelottoMcDonald’s partners Salerno and Potenza, for their commitment to supporting culture and initiatives for the benefit of young people.

And again selfies, the laughter, the kids running on stage to receive the award, the hands in the sky jumping for joy and the fireworks for the big finale party.

The director of Campania Food Bank, Roberto Tuorto. The chosen location will accompany the campaign for the Food Collection, which will be broadcast at the Campania stations from October to December.

The afternoons are also animated by the Dolcevita Contact Tour, curated by Armando Mirra and Pupi and Pupe Management.


Best Female Lead: Short “Natural” – Albanella

Best Male Lead: “A Great Journey” – Sant’Angelo Le Fratte

Best costumes: “A ragù in the heart” – Montoro

Best interpretation: “The yellow hat” – Bellosguardo

Review: “Beyond fear” – Capaccio Paestum

News award: “Living together in moments” – San Severino Market

Best Original Topic: “Let’s Get Excited” – Castellabate

Manuscript: “The Last Ladybug” – Roccapiemonte

Centrality of the theme: “The future of emotions” – Giungano

Comedy: “Terra mia” – Roccarainola

Cilento National Park Award: “Fisherman” – Centola

Original message: “Oculus” – Pertosa

McDonald’s Award: “I love my planet” – Solofra

Resilience Award: “The game of peace” – Omignano Salento

Territory Award: “Yesterday is already tomorrow” – Torre Orsaia

Social Award: “My friend recycled” – Palma Campania

Overall, Skolefilm Primary Cinedù wins: “Journey through time” – Portici


Best Female Lead: “Colors that speaks” – Piaggine

Best Male Lead: “Luce” – San Marzano Sul Sarno

Best Costumes: “The Imaginary Friend” – Nola

Best interpretation: “Different Sisters” – Nocera Inferiore

Review: “The Winning Ticket” – San Giovanni In Fiore (Cosenza)

News Award: “On Our Skin” – Roccadaspide

Best original subject: “With Nonno it’s a completely different story” – Sparanise

Manuscript: “The most beautiful city there is” – Baiano

Centrality of the theme: “Everything for a ball” – Frasso Telesino

Comedy: “Noi ei meme” – Mercato San Severino

Cilento National Park Award: “The Pebble of Desires” – San Giovanni A Piro

Original message: “It can be said” – Sarno

Territory Award: “Fragment of life” – Sapri

Social Award: “Same but different and vice versa” – Limatola

Overall winner: “One day at random” – Trentinara

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