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A smarter and more captivating website, a responsive and intuitive e-commerce service, new digital applications to reach different customers, communication materials, business efficiency systems, IoT and blockchain: There are several areas that an SME may need to address a designer specializing in digital.

Published today on the Turin Chamber of Commerce website at the text of Call Design Calling, which opens next Friday, July 22nd. Objective: to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Turin and its province in managing the costs of design and development services offered by a designer for the launch of new digital projects.

“We provide up to 5 thousand euros per company to cover the costs of entrepreneurs who decide to turn to designers and design studios for their digital needs – explains Dario Gallina, President of the Turin Chamber of Commerce – In this way we achieve two goals: on on the one hand we are in favor of the digital growth of our companies in line with the objectives of our PID (Punto Impresa Digitale), on the other hand we are in favor of the dialogue between local SMEs and designers already operating in the area and who can provide interesting solutions to companies in all sectors and of all sizes ”.

“The use of digital is now essential in companies’ innovation processes, whose tools and potential become more complex and require specific skills along with strong strategies – says Sara Fortunati, Director of Circolo del Design. – Design and its competencies represent an important ally of companies to design tools and concrete lines of development in response to customer and market needs.The first edition of the Design Calling call laid the foundation for a solid and replicable project, which this year takes the form of a thematic approach to the system of actions from Digital Enterprise Point of the Turin Chamber of Commerce.

Thanks to the digital platform Ask to Design (, we are convinced that effective collaborations will be born ”.

Who is it for?

The call is intended for SMEs in any sector with headquarters or local unit in Turin and its province in accordance with the payment of the annual fee and with all other legal obligations (contributions, security, etc.).

How does it work

The project consists of two main phases.

A completely free guidance course dedicated to companies with different steps: self-evaluation of their positioning, a training course on topics such as strategy, innovation, skills, communication, etc., a dedicated coaching meeting, completing the call to find the most suitable professional specified for the needs, as the company has expressed, the choice of the designer or design studio that has applied

For those who complete the first phase, it will be possible to request vouchers to cover the cost of a designer’s or studio’s activity on the platform. The required minimum investment is 3 thousand euros, the coupon can reach a maximum of 5 thousand euros per. business and can cover up to 80% of the eligible costs.

The publication of the call and the meeting between companies and design professionals takes place through the platform, which the designers themselves join. To date, the platform has 180 designers and design studios.

Useful dates

Interested companies must apply from and including Friday, July 22, 2022, until Friday, September 9th. Companies that have successfully completed the mentoring process will be able to request vouchers starting Wednesday, November 16, 2022.

The announcement is published at


The Turin Chamber of Commerce is one of the “Digital Enterprise Points (PID)” provided by National Business Plan 4.0 to disseminate basic knowledge of digital technologies locally. Between 2020 and 2021, the PID (Punto Impresa Digital) of the Turin Chamber of Commerce organized over 130 training events attended by around 5,400 people, conducted assessments to assess the digital positioning of nearly 800 companies and completed 25 mentoring relationships. This year, PID has already organized over 30 training events with the participation of over 1,200 people. The 2021 PID voucher call supported 205 companies, which received vouchers for a total of 1.8 million euros, thus activating new digital investments for almost 3.3 million euros.


Circolo del Design is an open, inclusive and participatory space. The mission of Circolo del Design is to disseminate the project’s culture and is pursued through the production of cultural and educational activities, building projects to develop professional opportunities between companies and designers and collaborating with institutions for the creation of own design systems for the benefit of the territory. Online and offline, Il Circolo designs content that inspires every day and does so by collaborating with passionate and curious professionals, students and visionaries. Circolo del Design is supported by the (main partner) Turin Chamber of Commerce and the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, with contributions from Unione Industriali Torino and CNA Torino.


Ask to Design promotes the meeting between companies and designers – raises awareness of the former in terms of the value of design as a tool for business development and allows designers to explore the territory’s corporate culture – and at the same time enhances the Piedmontese design community. Ask to Design is a project of the Circolo del Design and the Turin Chamber of Commerce and makes use of the scientific partnership of Torino Polytechnic.

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