Happy children, what must not be missing in the garden for a summer in the open air

As you know, summer is the season par excellence for outdoor games. The cold, rainy and short days are distant memories, the school with the task of daily tasks is not there and even the various afternoon sports activities thin out. So also thanks to the still long days and mild temperatures, it is desirable for children to spend many hours outdoors.

In particular, it is fun if we have a garden or a terrace, space where we can easily organize some game which allows children to have fun with their friends and spend the summer in joy and security. If there is an open space in the house such as Garden or a terracethe time has come to think about how to organize it to suit children.

A classic for everyone: the wooden house

Having a wooden house has always been the dream of all children, because it is the ideal place to spend time fantasizing while playing in the company of friends, but it is also the perfect hiding place where you can invent many stories and adventures or share a tasty one snack in the company of adults. There wooden house or simply located in the garden, it is the right solution to spend carefree hours with the little ones and return us a little as children too.

If there is not enough space to build a house, even a simple one camping care it can be perfect, because the imagination is enough for children and it is also easy to assemble and disassemble, especially if the outside is small.

A small beach in the garden

Although the sea is far away, the sand, as we know, pleases all children: especially for the younger ones is a fun pastime sand box. It is made of wood or plastic and must be placed in a light and dry area on the terrace to prevent the formation of moss and fungus due to moisture. With this game you will imagine being on the beach and playing with your child, building sand castles, marble tunnels or a path for toy cars.

Swings and slides: a fantastic classic

Among the great classics that kids have always loved are the swings and the roller coaster. Two timeless games that can be considered a pastime that never gets tired. The important thing is to choose stable models, safe and suitable for the age of the children and to be able to let them play freely in the company of their friends. But if there is not enough space, they can be replaced with a hammock, the effect will not be the same, but the children can have fun and swing as they would on a real swing.

To meet the summer heat

But the inevitable cooling element for children in the hot summer, another great classic to place in the garden or on the terrace is pool inflatable. In summer the temperatures are high and children love to move, run, jump and play, but with the pool they will always be cool. Simple or enriched with water games, with swimming pools fun is guaranteed.

Encourage children’s creativity

Children are creative, they love to invent stories and adventures, and to accommodate this attitude it is good to create an area that is completely dedicated to them on the patio or garden. If there is a lot of space available, just take a table, chairs for children and lots of plates and colors so they can draw and color what they want. If space allows, you can add a board on which they can write, draw, delete and start over as many times as they want.

Grow vegetables

It is also important to teach children to take small responsibilities in a simple way, and a perfect example is to take care of a kitchen garden with them. Just reserve a small area inside the garden and start sowing flowers or plants that the kids will take care of day after day.

A small cinema in the garden

Even evenings can be spent outdoors with children: to share a good time with the little ones, you can set up a small cinema under the stars. Just get a towel, a projector, choose the movie or cartoon you want to watch and the evening will definitely be unforgettable.

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