Design and bold, Elvis and Hollywood style cuts are back

The thirties, forties, fifties and above, but also Millennials and Gen Z, change tastes and trends, and look to the legendary Fifties and Sixties also for clipping in the summer of 2022.

According to Ugo Vollicommunication philosopher, hair talks about the person and is the first thing that everyone notices in someone else when they meet.

The Bullfrog brand, born from an idea Romano Bridais aware of the fashion of care, and his hairdressers offer cuts with different themes of reduced maintenance, prepared by their skilled hands and by the brand’s products.

A novelty served to the customer in the Bullfrog centers is the new masks, five different treatments depending on skin type, also differentiated in color.

The beauty cocktails available at Bullfrog Grooming Lounges are prepared for the ideal matting mask to reduce skin radiance, based on green clay with absorbent, antiseptic and antibacterial properties; to the revitalizing gel mask with added rose petals suitable for combating signs of aging along with pomegranate extract, vitamin C and Aloe Vera.
The enlightening mousse formula is that of the energizing mask that revives dull and tired skin thanks to Goji berries and other antioxidant-active ingredients.

Those who want an ice-effect gel can try the moisturizing mask, which is rich in microalgae from the Red Sea and snow algae; Finally, you can choose an anti-pollution treatment with activated carbon that removes impurities and toxins, suitable for those who spend a lot of time outdoors and for travelers.

The preparation of all the masks is done as with cocktails, fresh and shaken at the moment.

After the beauty surprise, we move on to the haircut with the trendy Elvis styles advertised by the film of the same name released in the cinema directed by the visionary director Baz Luhrmann.

And it was the Bullfrog brand that partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures to revive the unforgettable look of the king of rock and roll, which can now be copied in their barbershops.

Three basic models: Pompadour, Executive and Tirabaci.

Pompadour cut

Pompadour is the cut that is typically associated with the image of Elvis, which has rather long hair at the top of the head, with smooth or shorter sides. Very voluminous in front, it makes the hair flow backwards while being faded on the neck and in the very defined contours to give a current touch. Sideburns, a basic element of the pop star’s appearance, remain a center of attention, but change length and are sharply cut and pointed. Styling is defined with a High-Hold Fixing Spray and Natural Effect Modeling Paste.

Executive Contour cut

The characteristic of the Executive Contour cut, which in length corresponds to the pompadour, is the direction of the hair, which instead of being worn backwards is moved to one side and shows a clear side line. Again, Bullfrog’s reinterpretation focuses on modern details such as the shade on the neck and the pointed sideburns. The styling is fixed with High Hold Fixing Spray and High Definition Glossy Brillantina.

Tirabaci cut

Tirabaci is the look with long hair that made the king of rock irresistible and innovative to the line of fans who flocked to his concerts. The classic sexy and shiny tott, which falls in front of the eyes in a soft and faux-relaxed way, leaves in the Bullfrog reinterpretation the neck and neck a little longer, as can be seen by the actor’s hairstyle Austin Butler on the various red carpets after the filming of the movie. Here, too, the styling is defined with High Definition Glossy Brillantina.

Voluminous locks, asymmetries in lengths, double cuts, pointed sideburns and shiny tufts, can be remade in other vintage-inspired looks, but edited in a modern key, always suggested by the skilled Bullfrog hairdressers.

Four of the new proposals have mythical names in the head of grooming, the military Bald Fade, Mullet loved by David Bowie and by other musicians, Caesar Cut, repeating the Roman emperors, and Messy Cut, the latter.

Bald Fade cut

The Bald Fade military cut, which first appeared among American army cadets in the 1950s, has made a comeback in hip-hop culture. Technically complex – but requires a little maintenance – it is often combined with a more or less high shade, with different versions: with the side parting and the hair completely on one side or the whole back thanks to the help of the grease, a longer balanced version and in order (use a High-Hold Fixing Spray) and the variants adapted to everyone’s taste.

Mullet cut

Loved by musicians, football players and TV series characters, the Mullet cut even seems to date back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. The proportions are untraditional: short at the front and sides and much longer at the back, to cover the neck and neck. The medium-length, or even long, Mullet has evolved according to the cutting technique and the details that require an intervention at least every 2-3 months. Ideal for finishing with a natural finish and a volumizing product such as Structuring Salt Spray that can create a neat or deliberately ruffled effect. However, it is not uncommon to also find combed Mullets with a shiny and elegant finish sealed with design and Brillantina.

Caesar Cut

The cut that got its name from Julius Caesar, Caesar Cut, reminiscent of the emperor’s bust with a short fringe that slightly touches the top of the forehead. The hair rests softly on the lines of the head with a not too aggressive shade. Finally, the styling can be very natural, for a relaxed effect, or recreate a real sculpted hair. The ideal Bullfrog products are Natural Effect Modeling Paste and Matt Effect Texturizing Powder.

Messy cut

Casual, cool, charming, these are the adjectives that define the messy cut, an evergreen cut, very popular in Hollywood. Its sexy and tousled look – perfect for men with curly or wavy hair – is very versatile, regardless of the texture of the curls, because it provides a great styling option. It requires mastery of the clip, often studied string by thread, to provide movement using a wax or ointment (Modeling Paste Natural Effect), which must be worked on the hair that is still damp. Finally, Structuring Salt Spray is passed, which is able to give volume to the hair, shape waves and movements until a rough and wild finish is achieved.

The experience in saloon barbershops, led by the Percassi group since 2014, (open in Milan, Bergamo, Genoa, Rome, Turin, Monza, Zurich, Munich, Nice and Cyprus) ends with a cloud of perfume donated by the four new aromas of Bullfrog Elements Collection linked to natural elements, fire, air, water and earth.

«Air» is the lightest, greenest and freshest with notes of fig leaves, yerba mate and heliotrope, fig juice, almond milk, iris root, vanilla and sandalwood, ideal for dreamers who love the wind between the leaves in summer.

The marine and spicy “Water” scent expresses freedom and lightness, ruled by the scent of ginger and black and green pepper, sage and basil, cardamom and cedar, with a last of patchouli, Sequoia wood and amber, with dynamic notes and sparkling .

Passionate and daring choose «Fire» and hints of citrus fruits (mandarin, orange peel and lemon blossom) and sensuality of black currants, mint leaves, egemos and patchouli.

Enclosing and Ancestors, the latest “Earth” creation from the Bullfrog Elements Collection, graphically represented along with the other packages by the Italian illustrator and graphic designer Francesco Paternoster with its unmistakable property rich in style and colors it leaves warm and unmistakable scents. The top notes belong to mandarin, orange and bitter grapefruit, the heart notes to the aromas of Sichuan pepper and African geranium, ending with a base of patchouli, vetiver, cedar and benzoin.

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