Cosentino Design Challenge 7 winning projects announced

The CDC jury met in the “Veles e Vents” building inside Valencia Marina, one of the headquarters of Valencia World Design Capital (WDC2022). The composition of the jury can be defined as excellent, consisting of key professionals in the sector, in particular: Santiago Alfonso, Vice President of Marketing and Communications of the Cosentino Group and Chairman of the Jury of the CDC; Malini Karini from Heriot-Watt University Dubai (UAE); Beatrice Blanchard from the École Supérieure Des Arts Modernes, ESAM (France); Eduardo Roig from Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovation and Technology in Madrid, ESNE (Spain); Teresa Franqueira from the University of Aveiro (Portugal); Javier Cortina from the Escuela de Ingeniería del Diseño UPV, ETSID (Spain) and the architect Fran Silvestre.

CDC jury

490 proposals were submitted

This sixteenth edition of the Cosentino Design Challenge was a great success, in fact 490 projects from all over the world were presented, of which 184 for the category Architecture and 306 for the section Design.

Santiago Alfonso emphasized the importance of this meeting: “It is an initiative that is part of the CSR policies and the commitment to education that the group has always promoted. We want to be close to schools, students and teachers. For this reason, our experts present Cosentino Group, its philosophy, products and of course the latest news from the very first courses in both disciplines (Architecture and Design). This is an important opportunity both from the company’s point of view and from the point of view of education“.

The 7 winning projects

The jury decided on the 7 winning projects, three for the architecture category and four for the design category, each of which was awarded a prize of € 1,000. For the category Architecturewas the proposed theme “The fifth facade: the reflection on the roof”.

Candidates were therefore asked to develop a proposal that would integrate energy efficiency, functionality, sustainability and design.

While, new this year, a certificate was awarded for second place for each section, two for the Design category and three for the Architecture category.

Lune, one of the winning projects in the Design category

The three winning projects I am:

  • Modular Ibaiondo (UNIZAR, Zaragoza, Spain).
  • Greenroof (Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design. FAUD | National University of Cordoba, Argentina).
  • The 7th facade (University of Évora, Portugal).

The certificate for second place was awarded:

  • Forest in the heights (UNIZAR, Zaragoza, Spain).
  • A Beacon in the Mist (ESADA Escuela Superior de Arte y Diseño de Andalucía, Granada, Spanien).
  • Bepink (ESNE – Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovation and Technology, Madrid, Spain).

Download architecture projects

For the category Designwas the proposed theme “Rethink the creative and work space at home”. In this case, participants were asked to develop innovative and design solutions for teleworking.

The four winning projects I am:

  • Lune (ESAM Design Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes, Paris, France)
  • Quimera (ESNE – Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovation and Technology, Madrid, Spain).
  • IT (EASD Valencia, Spain)
  • Flip (LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore).
Quimera, a project among the winners of the Design category

They received the certificate for second place:

  • C22 (School of Art Carlos Pérez Siquier, Almería, Spain)
  • Neighbors Desk (ESAM Design Paris, France)

Download the design projects

Cosentino Design Challenge

The CDC is one of the first initiatives, in a series already planned, that the group will carry out in the city to support its role as World Design Capital for 2022. It is a challenge that tests the design skills and creativity of the future. architecture and design professionals from around the world. It is a unique opportunity that brings students closer to Cosentino, the world leader in the sector, and its innovative surfaces – Dekton®, Silestone® and Sensa®. Both architecture and design are two disciplines that are totally aligned and associated with the activity carried out by the Spanish multinational on the five continents. This edition of the Cosentino Design Challenge saw the collaboration and support of 36 schools and universities from around the world who have included this event in their academic calendar.

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