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Allumiere and Tolfa are the first municipalities to join the “Lifethlon” initiative to strengthen the new generations. Photos must be taken with the mobile phone, you can participate alone or as a team

“Everyone wants change, but no one wants to change, especially not adults. And therefore the real avant-garde struggle is that it should be waged on young people who go to primary and secondary schools. The brighter future, if we want to imagine it, goes through the new generations, but only if they have received sufficient training, awareness, awareness.In short EMPOWERMENT.And therefore, for AICS Ambiente, the whole action will be directed at the extensive institutes throughout Italy, the real bulwark, the trench , for the construction of another future “saw Andrea Nesi environmental manager for AICS.”

‘We, activities like Lifethlon, call them empowergames and are inspired by a well-known principle, according to which you can tackle even boring topics and achieve concrete results through play and fun. Specifically, we try to bring young people in harmony with the animal world in the urban everyday life as parks, but even in a simple paved place with a tree you are able to see at least insects, the landscape, the beach, etc. But by using a tool that expresses modernity like the mobile phone. The ultimate goal is always to explain in a fun and practical way what the role of any living being is, even that which seems most insignificant or even annoying. To explain this, we will use the first 20 photos handed out by the jury, which we will make a book with (digital of course!), Which will be enriched by the competition with new photos and species to make the little ones the protagonists of it all. path “Nesi continues

“The competition starts for the first time in Italy with the protection and cooperation of the municipalities of Tolfa and Allumiere, who, it must be emphasized, are always careful to seize the opportunities that can contribute to the growth of the new generations. You can participate alone or in a team (seeker + photographer) and has a few other simple rules, all published at the event address: A phone / whatsapp number and an email address are also available for any clarification needs. In short, parents, we want to turn your little ones into hunters / hunters, to give them an important witness, we are waiting for the pictures! “.

A corner of the Tolfa area where you can take pictures

This is how the competition works: during the set period, 13 July – 31 August, children * must immortalize every living creature in the animal world from the ant and up !, the animals must be strictly free (no leashes and / or cages), the environment can be urban or suburb no matter. WHERE TO PICTURE: Our territory will be represented by the municipalities of Tolfa and Allumiere (both urban and suburban). The images will be judged by the AICS jury, which will also take into account any likes obtained from the individual recordings, and a ranking will be drawn up that takes into account various factors, even unusual, such as the location, age of the photographer, the number of members of ‘any team of’ hunters’ and others who help to shape the award ceremony in an always fun and engaging way. IMPORTANT: accompany the images with the above information (photographer’s age, location, etc.). HOW TO SEND PICTURES:
is dedicated to children *, parents will choose: post them at the event, send them via whatsapp to 3356359382, via email to

The award ceremony will take place on the first Saturday in September in the council room of the municipalities involved, and where a brunch based on local products and recipes will be offered in line with ‘The 100 years of travel’.

In addition, the first 20 photos will be used for the album 2022/2033 entitled ‘WHAT GOOD HAVE I USED?’
composed of photos and maps that explain in a simple and fun way the role of the individual living being in the drawing of Madrenatura.

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