Cantori TV cabinets with a timeless design

Cross and joy of all living rooms, over the years the role of TV cabinets has changed radically in our homes. If they were once considered simple support points, today thanks to increasingly thin and minimal screens, TV support has gained its own personality, also thanks to the productions born of successful collaborations between historic furniture companies and design companies. This is the case with Officesfor over forty years a reference point for Made in Italy interior design, which together with the Florentine designer Maurizio Manzoni has created a series of TV cabinets to suit any home, from the most traditional to contemporary contexts and with a big city soul. The TV cabinets complete some of the company’s most well-known collections by also introducing new furniture that follows the latest trends, as in the case of furniture Gregory. Meets the requirements for daily functionality, the products from the company founded by Sante Cantori they represent the perfect synthesis between the high quality of the craftsmanship and the materials used with a refined aesthetic design. In the creation of timeless products, both for taste and duration, to unite the many collections, the metal detail is a fil-rouge which refers to Cantori’s expressive power and origin.


Detail of the Gregory cabinet, with a minimal and sophisticated design, allows to arrange both visible and hidden objects

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Presented on the occasion of Salone del Mobile 2022, Gregory is one of the most recent arrivals to Cantori. With its meandering profile and timeless elegance, its structure is reminiscent of organic forms and encloses its contents like a noble coffin. To support the entire structure, there is a metal base that raises the piece of furniture and its alternation between solids and cavities. It is precisely the presence of both visible and hidden spaces that responds to the most common needs in terms of order, so that we can leave the objects we love most visible and at the same time preserve the others.


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The TV cabinet from the Mirage collection, characterized by the precious metal detail

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Detail of Mirage TV cabinet produced by Cantori

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Inward-looking and minimal, the value of the TV cabinet that completes the Mirage collection lies in its metal support, which refers to the origins of Cantori, born as a company specializing in brass and ironwork. In essence, the Mirage furniture expresses exactly the purpose that is called to fulfill: to protect and support the objects of our everyday life with elegant shapes and versatile finishes, as suggested by the company’s large sample collection.


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TV furniture from the Oasi collection

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True to the character of the collection to which it belongs, the structure of the Oasi is characterized by the use of wood and the support of precious feet and a shaped metal ring that connects the entire perimeter of the furniture. Perfectly cared for in every detail, the essentials of its design allow the piece of furniture to stand out for a little sinuosity and for details that make it the protagonist of the environment in which it is located.


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The City TV cabinet, produced by Cantori and designed by Castello Lagravinese Studio, enriches the company’s collection with an element that plays with volume and with the possibility to expand

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A game with joints between volumes and supports tells the construction of the TV City cabinet, the historic collection, which is again enriched with new and precious finishes. Minimal and with precise shapes, the richness of this element is the top expansion possibilities, which allow you to transform the furniture into a long element in a few simple steps, ready to become a precious pedestal for the living room.

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