agreement between Specialistskolen AM and UniVanvitelli

ONE way off integrated training between Vanvitelli University and the Military Air Force Specialist School (SSAM) in Caserta. A unique agreement in Italy, signed yesterday and coming two years after the signing of the first broader Memorandum of Understanding (Framework Agreement on Cooperation) between the Air Force and Vanvitelli University, which intends to work together to integrate the strong technical-scientific skills , which the teachers possess Department of Engineering at the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” – matured in many years of research and training in aviation topics – with the strong skills in aviation maintenance, possessed by The specialist school in the air force from Caserta.

This is an effective training collaboration that will be implemented by sharing the training programs provided in the special course “Aircraft Maintenance”, which SSAM offers its military companions, which are considered to be in line with the training objectives and expected learning outcomes for the degree. course in aerospace, mechanics and energy engineering, will integrate curriculum “Aerospace” of the same.

The agreement will allow future specialists from the historic military institute Caserta to be recognized, also by the university, for the two-year training points, which will therefore correspond to a period of about two years. three-year education in Aviation-Mechanical-Energy Engineering, provided by the Department of Engineering at Vanvitelli University. At the end of the two-year period at the Specialist School of the Military Air Force of Caserta, students will be able to continue their studies at Vanvitelli to obtain the three-year degree in engineering with a single additional year.

Specifically, the three-year degree program in engineering (aerospace, mechanical, energy) will add two other orientations to the traditional historical (general) orientation (mechanical maintenance technician And avionics maintains), starting from the next academic year 2022/2023.

The agreement is the result of the synergy and collaboration between Vanvitelli University and the Specialist School of Caserta and of a constant coordination work that has led to Commander of the Specialist School, Colonel Roberto Engagement who from 15 July transfers the command of the military institute to Colonel Francesco Sassara and Prof. Furio Cascettavice rector of the university’s sustainability.

The agreement is signed by Rector, Gianfranco Nicoletti and from Head of the schools in the AM / 3rd Air Region, Air Squad Gen. Silvano Frigerio that in his speech he wanted to emphasize how much this agreement is an opportunity to enrich the already large and updated technical-professional legacy given to military servants at the Specialist School.

The goal – declared General Frigeriois to encourage the integration of mutual training courses to improve our students’ technical skills through the direct collaboration between the AM Specialist School and the Engineering Department of the University. In this context, it will also be possible to entrust specific teaching tasks to the teaching and research staff of Campania University “Luigi Vanvitelli” as well as offer additional curricula to our students, future specialists from the Air Force. The signing of today’s agreement is the result of the convergence of the university and the Military Air Force School Commands’ willingness to work with a spirit of cooperation and towards common growth in a perspective of the country system..

This agreement – said Rector Nicolettistrengthens the synergy and integration between two institutions in the same field, both engaged in training, and represents a concrete opportunity to strengthen and expand knowledge of Air Force soldiers, which also contributes to increasing the total number of graduates at European level. The agreement, which was signed today, is a further step forward towards the realization of a fruitful collaboration with the Specialist School, which has always supported the university in several activities. “.

The signed convention Thursday, July 14, 2022in the auditorium of the School of Specialists of the Air Force, in the presence of the numerous university students and military participants in the special courses in the “Aircraft Maintenance” sector, conducted in accordance with the AER (EP) P-147 standard, within the framework of the 2020 Framework Agreement , which formally launched the collaboration between the Air Force and the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” to carry out training, research and experimentation activities in sectors of common interest, such as i.a. , aerospace and aeronautical maintenance technical and engineering education.

There Specialist school is a military training institute for basic training, specialized technical training, training, updating, specialization, qualification and conversion of personnel of the Air Force, of the other armed forces, armed and non-state armed forces as well as personnel of foreign armed forces. It depends hierarchically on Schools Command AM / 3 ^ Air Region of Bari.

L ‘Luigi Vanvitelli University of Campania ( with sixteen branches and offices located between Naples and Caserta, it promotes a professionalizing and integrated education offer with the territory, supports quality research, favors the birth of new entrepreneurial initiatives born from research groups in a constant perspective internationalization and cultural exchange with other universities.

The university was established in 1991 and began its activity on November 1, 1992. Today there are about 24 thousand members. The university boasts headquarters for very prestigious departments, monumental historic complexes restored to their old splendor, former monasteries, monasteries, monasteries with monasteries from the 18th-19th centuries. century.

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